Sunday, July 29, 2007

Open Thread

Any and all comments regarding NPR news are welcome.


Larry said...

Since you stopped reporting on NPR, I don't know what is being said at the left end of the radio dial. Cokie Roberts was on Sunday bobblehead television bemoaning the Democratic Party's move to the left. The "serious" Beltway people never learn, do they?

larry, dfh said...

Yesterday NPR had a section on Innoc
InnoCentives, a front for companies who can't solve their own problems (who don't want to invest in the necessary R&D). At the end of the program, the list of sponsors was mentioned,including...Innocentives.
This puts NPR squarely in with the for-profit media where advertisers drive the news. Who'd want to believe them after learning that what they're saying is directly tied to the prifits of some company?

Debbie Reese said...

NPR had a messed-up story today about Pueblo Indians. I blogged it at