Sunday, September 30, 2007

Get Me a Blue Form - More Blackwater

Blackwater is gunning for work here in the homeland (which should make everyone very nervous). On Friday morning NPR presents a generally positive presentation of Blackwater in New Orleans. I loved this scenario that was in the report and on the web description of the story:
  • "For example, inside the recovery office, employees had a code. If workers felt uncomfortable or didn't feel safe, they were supposed to call out loudly for a 'blue form.' That was a signal for one of the Blackwater guys to come over and stand close by. Their mere presence did a lot to calm rattled homeowners who were frustrated with the FEMA process. Davis said it let the people coming into FEMA know they needed to keep their voices down."
Funny how much the crime ring of the current administration permeates federal government culture. Pure thuggery - the "mere presence" of a trigger happy mercenary does so much to "clam" down those dangerous homeowners. You might expect a serious report on Blackwater to cover its Christo-fascist leanings, but we get nothing from experts on this aspect of Blackwater, Jeremy Scahill or Chris Hedges.

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