Monday, September 10, 2007

Open Thread

NPR News related comments welcomed.


Madam Dufarge said...

The only reason I tuned in to NPR (ATC) today was to have an excuse to visit this site. I heard the Feingold interview and wanted to make like the Lewis Black character who gouges out his eyes with his thumbs, only for me it was my ears. Back to the classical station until Rachel comes on.

However, I called Dodd today to thank him for his sanity, and his staff was thrilled to get some positive feed back. If you're lucky enough to have a representative who is going to do the right thing, you still have to make the call, ok? I'm of the camp that kudos are just as important as voicing your opinion.

Peace out -- back to my cunning hat.

Madam Dufarge said...

in my haste ... Feingold was, of course, great. Ring him up with some props.

Also, for XM subscribers Farenheit 451 is going to be read, by Bradbury I believe, on 163 4:30 PM Eastern starting manaña.


big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

Not exactly one of their usual blatant atrocities in the reporting of current events, but Melissa Blockhead's interview Wednesday with Jodie Foster on her new role - as a public radio host turned vigilante- sure conjured up some mocking images! Picture it if you will... aforementioned Blockhead walks in totin' sixguns in either hand, the closeup zoom... and script!

MB: (tradmark clicking of tongue against roof of mouth as drawing in breath of air as administered by Robeyyyyrt Cheekle) "A man's gotta know his limitations, Briggs." (locuted with that lil' lilt that makes one wonder what exactly she's sitting on in Studio A)

Bwah-hah-friggin'-hah! Talk about rolling on the proverbial floor laughing my bigpinkfuzzybunnybutt off (but for I was driving, carefully heeding those immortal words of warning by Mr. Chomsky). Anyone feelin' intimidated yet?

Was indeed let down that there was no crass tie-in by host at the end of the segment - now that was unpredictable.