Monday, October 29, 2007

Lethally Non-lethal

Last time NPR covered the Pentagon's heat ray it was David Kestenbam yucking it up about this latest crowd controller (Ah yes, pepper spray, tear gas, tasers, German shepherd dogs, water cannons, and good ole batons are jsut so funny).

Tonight on ATC we hear about it again. This time Guy Raz gets hit with the heat ray (I wonder if it makes your brain go soft - or if it just makes you uber-loyal to the military?) Anyway it's a rather clinical piece with the important information being that it could soon be ready for Iraq. Ugh...

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larry, dfh said...

Heard that insipid piece. From the (possibly inaccurate) description, it seemed like what happens in a microwave oven. Wonder why I didn't hear any talk about possible side effects such as denaturing proteins in the cornea, or the proven fact that police repeatedly using radar guns for traffic 'control' have associated cancers. The last time this story was run it was 1 or 2 days before a big anti-war demonstration in DC.
I remember all the fanfare surrounding each new weapon in the Viet Nam war, the F-5, the F-111, napalm, and agent orange. Sad to see NPR playing the military propagandist role...again.