Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Open Thread

NPR News related comments welcomed.

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Porter Melmoth said...

This morning's little guilt-powered plug for contributing to the charity that is NPR happens to profile Our Gal in Baghdad, Jamie Tarabay. The tone was honorific, to say the least, as if she were a UNICEF volunteer or something. How she suffers day in and day out to get us the news! And how she marvels at her team for just getting to work each day! (How secure a future is any Iraqi 'collaborator' with the Americans going to be?) It would be one thing if Tarabay & Co. were more investigative in their journalism, but personally, I've been disappointed far too many times to take her sacrifice as one with much depth.

And for her R&R? Sneaking in the first-ever Tarabay laugh on the air, she tells us she obeys Bush's sage command for our wartime contributions: she shops.

Give me Lara Logan any day.

My local station had some supplementary figures as far as the expenses incurred by the NPR Baghdad Bureau. Some pretty outrageous sums, mostly for security, natch. Just their yearly rent is $70 grand. The audience was supposed to ooh and ahh over these costs, as if the epic battle for Iraq is somehow being fought by your NPR representatives, who are crusading over there, so that the terrorists won't come over here - to interrupt our shopping.
Come on gang, think of someone else for a change and chip in, huh? Give generously. Think about a legacy option.