Thursday, October 25, 2007

Open Thread

NPR News related comments welcomed.


larry, dfh said...

Still have yet to hear on NPRabout the proposed retroactive amnesty for the Telecorleones. Yet on the internet we can read that Obama has promised to filibuster retroactive immunity, and that this is putting Clinton in a very uncomfortable position. For anyone following, this is a mojor story, where true grass-roots effort has turned the business-as-usual Senate into a.....deliberative body! Have also heard a bare minimum on the Mukasey nomination.

jules said...

In the first time that I can ever recall, my local station (KUT) did not make it's pledge goal.

Too bad, so sad. Now, stop shilling for chimp and his illegal wars!

Porter Melmoth said...

Mine, too. Yet, there were no statements like: 'because we didn't meet our pledge goal, we won't be able to (whatever)...' As near as I can tell, listener pledges are just gravy, no matter what they say.

Steve Byan said...
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Steve Byan said...

According to this
comment on Booman Tribune,
Ann Garrels is reporting confessions obtained by torture as "news" on NPR this morning. Thankfully I came to work early, so I didn't listen to ME and consequently didn't have to endure her story.