Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sleazy Thomas

I figured I might as well post this while it's prominent in the news. Hopefully it will be a dead story by next weekend.

The Clarence Thomas story continues. I've heard at least two full reports Saturday morning and afternoon) on Thomas' book from Nina Totenberg and then this shorter segment on Monday (10/1)' Morning Edition. Notably missing from any has been the mention of David Brock. Remember him? He was the author of a character assassination book against Anita Hill and then he later admitted that the book was created from lies and distortions. Also missing was the fact that Hill first made her accusations to the FBI and that the accusations were pretty detailed and disturbing. I've heard Thomas' description of Hill as a "mediocre" employee, but I've noticed also that there has been no discussion of Thomas' pathetic and mediocre record both at EEOC and on the court.

Totenberg, who is pretty thorough, does note that the self-promoting Thomas freak show is being organized by the following extreme right groups The Heritage Foundation, the Federalist Society, but we get no information about these groups and she doesn't mention the third organization behind the Thomas tour, the National Center for Policy Analysis.


Madam Dufarge said...

Kudos to the NYT for giving Anita Hill space on the OpEd page today. She calls Thomas on his bs. (Dude seems a little unhinged to be sitting on the bench, no?) Perhaps we can get someone sane in the Oval Office and then pressure Congress to expand the SCOTUS and add a couple of new justices. Hey, I can dream.

Porter Melmoth said...

Clarence has always struck me as an opportunist who's always trying to come across as the Tom Robinson character in 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. Despite that character's legitimacy as a victim (framed for supposedly raping a white woman), Clarence plays the victim card every time, especially in his recent '60 Minutes' interview. He may not have had Greg Peck to defend him, but he had Poppy Bush to champion him, PLUS he got the white woman to marry in the end. What's he complaining about?? I know, I know, it's a great American touchy subject, but the obviousness of Clarence's grandstanding (in order to sell a book), is contemptible, especially in light of ongoing racial problems in this country. Speaking of contemptible, Michael Medved (who's actually more sickening than Michael 'Savage' Weiner) wrote a 6-point essay saying that slavery in America wasn't really that bad! Clarence, you've come a long way, baby...