Monday, November 05, 2007

Dr. Gjelten and Mr. Hyde

Only in this absurd time in our nation could a "news" organization report about waterboy/waterboard Bush awarding a Medal of Freedom to a Cuban dissident with no sense of irony. Oh, but this is Tom Gjelten, who cut his sharp little teeth "reporting" on the wars in Central America in the 80s and 90s (see my earlier posts on his coverage of Chile, Nicaragua, or Venezuela to get a taste of his journalism).

It's interesting to note how this detailed report on the political prisoner in Cuba, who Bush is honoring, follows immediately after the report on Guatemala that avoids any mention of the US role in destroying Guatemala's civil society for nearly forty years.

BTW, I'm not in anyway justifying the disgusting treatment meted out to Oscar Biscet by the Cuban dictatorship. It's just the absurdly lopsided attention given to Cuban human rights issues compared to the absence of coverage given to US sponsored atrocities in Latin America.

Oh and we also got to hear about defender of fetuses and the Pentagon, Mr. Henry Hyde - one of Illinois' own.

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