Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Moronic Images Emerge

Listening to the coverage of the Annapolis shuffle is painful to say the least. Of course NPR continues to portray Israel and Palestinians as sharing equal responsibility for arriving at "peace." As if Palestinians should welcome the charade of compromise with the state (USrael) that is trying to destroy them as a people.

So this afternoon I had to hear Block talk with AP photographer Edmonds about "iconic" images of handshakes. Even though they talk about how staged these photos are, you could hear the awe that these images arouse in both Block and Edmonds.

The real keeper came toward the end when they are talking about Bush's photo show and Block says, "And the message is 'I am a peacemaker.'" To which Edmonds replies, "Right, all Presidents try to be peacemakers."

Whoa there! - "all Presidents try to be peacemakers." Notice how he doesn't say "try to portray themselves as peacemakers." Dang, the koolaid must be very sweet and very tasty.

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Anonymous said...

Dang! MYT! You beat me too it again. It's that last phrase that made me lose it. "All presidents try to be peacemakers." Where do they get these people? Seriously.