Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Erasing Candidates

Did anyone else notice that in ATC's coverage of the NPR/Iowa Public Radio debate among Democrats there was nothing about Kucinich and Gravel? That's a shame because the broadcast of the debate ( I heard about an hour of it) was commendable in that all the candidates were given time to respond to the topics and the discussions were interesting.

It seems a real disservice for NPR news to weight coverage of the candidates at this point when not a single vote has been cast. They've essentially taken it on themselves to narrow the field to Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

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big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

The only time Kucinich comes up in a panel discussion or what-not is when whomever wants to cast a smarmy joke. Granted I suppose the wound was self-inflicted with the UFO comment - I mean, why give the media 'bastids' any ammo? (like, HowarDean, y'know?)