Thursday, December 20, 2007

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I only listened with 1/2 an ear to this morning's report on today's "delayed adulthood" (ie, later permanent career choices, marriage, child bearing), but I don't think that economic and financial factors were addressed at all (... were they?). NPR typically overlooks the real-life economic reality of most Americans outside of the upper-middle and professional classes (I know, obviously).

[Also, I was annoyed with the interview with Nichols/Hanks on Charlie Wilson's war, but that is probably just annoyance with the propaganda aspects of the book and movie itself]

big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

I dread hearing any rebuttal on how the All Thinktanks Considered romper room addressed the protest/riot in NOLA today. And dammit, I ain't gonna listen to their radio gaga this close to Christmas - doing so in past years made me feel like such a loser.

big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

Also of note: Daniel Zwerdling's story on "Mental Anguish and the Military" has won an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University 2008 News Award.

But I can't shake the thought that the entire organization is being self-congratulatory about it just by mere association; patting themselves on the back as if to say "oooh, we're good we're just soooo good! In everything we do!"