Thursday, December 13, 2007

Was That Richard Harris or Dana Perino?

On ATC Siegel talks to Richard Harris about Al Gore's comments at the Bali Conference yesterday. Siegel tells us that Gore "condemned the Bush administration stance" and then he asks Harris, "why does he say the US is being obstructionist?"

Now, if you are with that outrageous leftist paper The Chicago Tribune you might have answered that question like this:
"But the U.S. has been singled out at the meeting as the biggest obstacle to progress, not only because it has attempted to remove targets and deadlines for emissions cuts from any deal but also because it has blocked agreement on issues like the transfer of clean technology from richer to poorer countries."
On the other hand if you are the brilliant White House Press spokesperson, you offer this spin:
"Obviously, those comments are not constructive to a conversation where everybody wants to get together for this meeting to talk about a framework for moving forward."
Finally, if you are Richard Harris of NPR you say,
"Everyone wants a framework for an agreement to come out of this meeting and one that charts out all the key ingredients for a treaty but the US came in here saying they wanted as little detail in that framework as possible, and Europe wanted more detail."
Whose press notes is Harris reading from anyway?


Porter Melmoth said...

Gracious sakes alive, NPR must not have access to the Chicago Trib! If only the good folks at Nationbuilding Proposition Radio would just click onto 'NPR Check', they could learn all sorts of neat stuff. Problem is, Mytwords & Co. are doing all the responsible journalistic bloodhounding, while NPR goofs rake in their taxpayer checks for being lazy-ass shills. (Man, don't I sound Libertarian all of a sudden?? Maybe we can get Ron Paul to look into this public money abuse at NPR matter, but only after he drops out of the prez race, and needs something to do...)

To me, THE Richard Harris was a great actor of stage and screen. NPR's Richard Harris seems to be going for the thespian gold as well. In contemporary American politics AND journalism, all you need is a script (accuracy, adieu!) and a little chutzpah and schtick, and away you go. Money's not bad, either.

Kevan Smith said...

Excellent observation of the near-identical language in White House statements and NPR reporting. That's something that should be done more often. It's one thing to claim NPR is a shill, quite another to back it up with firm evidence.

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