Friday, January 25, 2008

Militants Again!

(image from UNRWA)

Inskeep this morning on NPR:
"Palestinian militants in bulldozers have smashed new holes in the chain and concrete fence. Crowds of Palestinians cheered as that fence collapsed...three days ago when militants first struck and tens of thousands of residents crossed over..."
Dang, those crazy militants - not only do they get killed by the score, but they attack walls with bulldozers. Don't they know that bulldozers are for knocking down homes, not for breaking down walls so people can get food and fuel? Militants in bulldozers - Jeez, somebody could get hurt.

It's just insane that people in Gaza expect to eat - it just proves they're militants. What's a little malnourishment in 2003, or 2006, or 2007? Who do they think they are, people? Don't' they know that they are an enemy entity?


Porter Melmoth said...

Yessiree, and we in the US (boy, aren't you glad YOU don't live in Gaza??) should be pleased that NPR keeps us so well informed on all those people who don't wanna live in peace, huh?

Those darn Gazans! Always lookin' for trouble!

- Porter 'Particularly-Snarkicus-On-
This-Issue' Melmoth

larry, dfh said...

Dang! Militants 'n' dozers! Where can I sign up?