Thursday, February 14, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


larry, dfh said...

Friday AM, and the propaganda keeps rolling in. Renee Montaigne was definitely out-done as she tried to corner the wily Mike McConnell. That charlatan was start to finish all about the lie, one after another. Montaigne was flattened. Hint to NPR: if you want to challenge one of the professional criminals in this administration, get a guest who knows what they're talking about, not just a host with a script. I did got the impression that she was trying, but she was so woefully inadequate.
We're hearing quite a few stories about the FISA legislation now, whereas over the last few months we heard almost nothing from NPR on this subject. NPR is always trying to sucker their potential donors; acting all serious and dedicated whereas they were nowhere to be seen when the real decisions were being conducted as to granting retroactive immunity and removing warrants. NPR: always first in covering their own asses.

larry, dfh said...

Between the show that ended at 13:00,Fri, and the next show, was a brief "news" report from michelle kelleman. In the story, and I DO mean story, about the FISA legislation which was put on hold by the House of Representatives, was interspersed a clip from bush where he said "WE'RE SCREWED", followed directly by the "news" from Kelleman that the legislation "expires tomorrow". There was no mention of any existing continuance, or any word from anyone other than the c.e.o. president. These omissions, to me, constitute intentional misrepresentation. The next "news" item, as well, had a (better prepared) clip from bush. The whole inter-program segment was a megaphone for the executive branch, and it really pissed me the fuck off!

big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

I don't know why, but I tuned in at the 2nd hour of "The Scottie Show" (desperate for entertainment, I know) and subbing for Schorr's spot was that gravelly-voiced self-important crone D. Rabinowitz of the WSJ (yes, that reprehensible TV show with Paul Gigot may be long gone, but! there's still a cushy little spot for 'em on the other -ivory- tower). Such hair-splitting topics were discussed as:
a) "the Clinton/Obama catfight" (complete with 'Rabby' cud-chewing over that ewwwww-yuck Obama comment that Chris Matthews mindlessly spouted out in mixed company)
b) "McCain hhhhas to connect with conservatives", annnnd
c) SS: "Did you watch the Roger Clemens hearings?"
DR: "I did. I did."

Oh mercy, edified again - kinda makes ya miss Danny, don't it? (wait! no "kinda's" about it!)

One of those "why-the-bleep-do-I-have-this-on?" Reporter's Notebook segments followed, so I didn't stick around to see if Scottie was going to do his 'righteous indignation' posturing over latest campus shooting. (which while we're at it, it astounds me that news crews can seem to get a 'copter in the air to capture a visual of fleeing students and faculty faster than 'the authorities' can get there? - shrug)

Porter Melmoth said...

Petty but important reasons to snap off the Simonizer after only five minutes this morning: some rambling geezer from Rupert's 'WSJ' (shades of a future merger??), who simply HAD to address the two Dem candidates as 'Mrs Clinton' and 'Mr Obama' (proper enough in one sense, but silly, and very telling), and Scooter pronouncing Punjab as 'poon-jabb' rather than 'punn-jawb'. Almost as bad as the vain and not-quite-a-goddess Lakshmi and her 'pokk-ees-stawn' pronunciation, which she shamelessly flaunts. And that Juan Forero guy, with an affectation throughout his entire suspect reports, like he's talking about his favorite model airplane or video game, or whatever.

OK, enough.

Reason to point out these trifles: tiresomely repetitious mass evidence that NPR News is in its own little world, and snottily so. Not very helpful for the credibility dept.