Monday, March 10, 2008

Open Thread

New week. Same NPR. Got comments? Put them here.


paul maurice martin said...

Ode to an Open Thread

O Open Thread, how ripe thee be
For celebrating poetry;
To NPR it must relate
Or this fair Ode could irritate...

Therefore, perforce, it must needs be
That I shall say in modesty
That ne'er on NPR hear I
Rhymes so fine as this of mine.

Paul -

larry, dfh said...

The fun on sunday's ATC
Was about our near impoverty.
Amongst all the tales of food
Never was mentioned Speculation;

It seemed quite odd to this jaded
That such an oversight had been
laid down.
What with a 'ferreal' economist
On as the 'expert guest'
To splain it all to us consumers.
Shhh, don't whisper 'Hedge Fund'
Don't rock the boat, keep it cool
and fun.
That's how the advertisers want it run.

big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

Oh, this is rich...

There once was a knobnik named Seigel...

(oh, skippit)

Paul said...

Larry has a point to make
Yet rhyme and meter cannot fake;
Bunny ends a line with Seigel;
Chances of a rhyme are meagle.

Mytwords said...

I can't resist the challenge:

There once was a knobnik called Seigel
with a voice he considers most regal.
God how he bores us
with Block and with Norris -
such noise it shouldn't be legal.

paul maurice martin said...

In poetic response to Mytwords

For some reason Siegel don't bug me
But Norris keeps trying to sound sultry;
Though Melissa comes on
And Blocks Norris' song
She's on far too long and persnickety.

As to myself, I fortunately have a voice that's perfect for blogging...

Anonymous said...

Sorry but you'all have been bested by yer commander-in-chief's ode to his failures sung to the tune of "green green grass of home".

damn now I can't get that tune out of my head. This is a painful video, do not watch while eating. Given at some event closed to reporters, some intrepid person got it.