Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Who Wants to Contrast and Compare?

Sometimes the best way to sniff out the NPR ideology is to compare and contrast how they cover two stories. Two examples:

Rezko v. Renzi

Here in Illinois we have more than our share of heavy duty corruption. Lately the latest to face the bar is Tony Rezko. Turns out that Rezko was an early supporter and contributor of Senator Obama. NPR has been all over the story of late, and - given the campaign season - that seems fair enough. However a very similiar story touches Senator McCain. Straight-talkin' McCain has close ties to Rep. Rick Renzi, a fellow facing some very serious felony charges himself. Let's see how NPR covers this sleaze story...Dang! what do you know, 3 puny hits on NPR and only one of those on a news show (and nothing since August '07!). I guess a chummy barbecue is no place for a reporter to bring up such a delicate topic. NPR can take comfort, though. Seems like McCain gets an easy pass from other news organizations, too.

Of Laptops and Lapdogs

Heading south, way south, NPR jumps right on the uraniam chain-reaction fear wagon. You know the "amazing," magical laptop from Ecuador, the one that takes us down the the uranium yellow cake road again. Nothing on NPR to suggest that Colombia's charges are likely a bunch of junk, and were probably aimed at completely derailing Venezuela's ongoing hostage release negotiations. Compare NPR's gullible coverage of this story with its hard hitting coverage of Vanity Fair's recent confirmation of the US role in trying to overthrow Hamas by arming Fatah and stoking a civil war in Palestine. Absolutely nothing, not one story giving attention to this breaking story. I guess it doesn't quite fit NPR's constant insistence that Condi the last peacemaker standing.


War On War Off said...

Yeah, and what about McCain's FEC problems? I thought he wasn't going to be able to raise anymore money? That story seems to have gone AWOL. Speaking, they did say yesterday that McCain's hanging out with chimp *might* be a liability to him. Gee, ya think?

Flávio Américo dos Reis said...

Excellent, Matt! Thank you. You drew a great comparison here.

For the nth time, I have complained to the NPR ombudswoman--Alicia Shepard.

But do they care? Not really. Telecommunications reform in this country will come by a refounding of a national public radio organization--one that's not based in Washington, D.C., and is so ensconced in the beltway.

They made no mention of the fact that that crack whore Uribe is mired in scandals with rightwing paramilitaries--the so-called parapolitical scandals uncovered by Colombian journalists, nor did they mention that Uribe has taken contracts out on his opponents.

This is the guy George Bush and Condi consider "a friend."

Give me a break!

The US is waging a war against South America through its proxy Colombia. That is the heart of the situation.

One last note: Isn't it surprising how Uribe was able to unite all of Latin America's leaders in repudiation of his action?

Maybe we should be writing a letter thanking him.



big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

Ah, coming home to visit here is like a healthy shot in the arm against the deadly and infectious NPR babytalk in the car.