Monday, April 21, 2008

Generally Speaking

Hat's off to the New York Times for revealing another attack on our democracy by the Pentagon. On page 8 of the online article there is this little gem:
"Some e-mail messages between the Pentagon and the analysts reveal an implicit trade of privileged access for favorable coverage. Robert H. Scales Jr., a retired Army general and analyst for Fox News and National Public Radio whose consulting company advises several military firms on weapons and tactics used in Iraq, wanted the Pentagon to approve high-level briefings for him inside Iraq in 2006.

"Recall the stuff I did after my last visit,” he wrote. “I will do the same this time."

Obviously, the ball is now in NPR's court. Will they come clean on this - and on all their other retired military "analysts"? I'm not holding my breath.

(for one example of Scaly analysis see my earlier post)

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big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

Well, the wiser amongst our small but fervent tribe were catching more than just a whiff of these types of shenanigans goin' on with (and yes, it can be declared without trepidation) National ... PENTAGON ... Radio.

NoPR face, meet stinky rotten egg! You wear it well. Don't try to hide it.