Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Comment Needed

Thursday Morning Edition's coverage of Bush in the Knesset:
"...another thing linking the US and Israel is concern over Israel's neighbor, Iran, and its nuclear ambitions."
"Well the speech was part the two countries have this unbreakable bond and that the US will always stand behind Israel and that includes in opposing Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions. He said that letting Tehran atomic weapons...."
"...and one of the reasons why the President is here is he's trying to push along negotiations towards a peace deal between Israelis and the Palestinians."
"last night there was this lavish event at a convention center and Mr. Bush and the First Lady received a standing ovation and the Israelis just heaped praise on him and the US."
And then on Thursday's ATC:
"and one reason for his visit to this area is to push the two sides to make more progress in their negotiations."
"...the President said terrorist groups are driven by power...and he dismissed the argument the US should try to negotiate with them..." [Bush talking about the unsourced Sen. William E. Borah quote 'Lord if I could only have talked to Hitler'] President Bush said that was the false comfort of appeasement which has been repeatedly..."
See if you can tell where Bush ends and Northam begins...


Porter Melmoth said...

Those who hang out too close to the Emperor's chair shall become sycophants, though they know it not.

(I think Jackie knows it though, and that's OK with her and her editors.)

What a waste of time, covering Bush on his farewell-and-good-riddance tour of pathetic shindigs.

Porter Melmoth said...

Aren't the Palestinians just so blessed, to have Dubya, Condi and that other guy - whats-is-name again, uh, oh, Toni, Toni Blare, pulling for them? Boy, if that trio can't make democracy happen, NO ONE CAN. Their track record says it all.