Thursday, May 01, 2008

Open Thread

Mayday! May Day!
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Mission Accomplished...

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Porter Melmoth said...

I'm just emerging from a stunning parade of stories on ATC: from Paul Brown's declaration that Burma is now known as Myanmar (in a junta pig's eye) to a smirking Dave Greene playing hall monitor to Hillary in Indiana, to NPR/PBS' darling Boy of the Numbers, Andy Panda-Kohut and Blob Siegel rubbing their stubby little hands over Obama's apparent flameouts, and then on to an absolutely worthless 'report' from Tom Gelatin in NPR-ized Havana, taking in the May Day celebrations. He ended it with a jaunty encounter with a local woman who said to him, 'take me with you'. I can imagine that Tom either slipped her a buck to make such a plaintive request to solidify the anti-Cuba sentiments of his listeners, or else he was too dumb to realize that there are hookers in Communist Havana, too. Oh, and then there was a story about Somalia. And Erik Westervelt studied an Iraqi Olympic hopeful's cruddy tennis shoes. Boy, that's enough of THAT. A brutal half hour! I want some fluff now, the kind that only NPR can spew.