Friday, May 23, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments are always welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

By the 15 or so seconds I've given them, I hear that Block & Blobby are back to their own cheerful chirping again, Peabody (and maybe ever PULITZER!) bound, while still broadcasting from Quakesville. My god, why don't they leave those poor people alone, to sort out their shattered lives in peace.

Meanwhile, sexy/smoky/cool Mee-shill (like that!) is earning her own stripes, guiding the home-front, making sure we the listeners have our bibs on right, so that we won't spit up the pabulum she's shoveling.

b!p!f!b! said...

Figures. So mighty glad I quit them.

b! again said...

Further thoughts: we pretty much all know that all media announcers are genetically bred to sound "chirpy" (incubator, get it?) - I suppose conventional wisdom holds that those irritable loop-dee-loo, dippy roller-coaster inflections better attract one's attention. But when the typical Smurf songbook is still cracked open in the midst of a dire situation, the tune tends to ring a bit hollow. Eh?

PS: In my crazy noggin, I've scripted out a little comedy skit - should I plug it with SNL? (blechh)...

"A Day in the Life of the TV Voice-over Announcer" - and he goes about his daily routine talking in that annoying half-whispered forced-persuasive tone. To wit...

WIFE: "Honey, when's your doctor appointment?

TVVOA: "Wednesdayyyyy, 10 Eastern 9 Centrallll....."
TVVOA does the lawnwork - "One Maaaan... has the power to..." etc.
TVVOA road rage - "@*#$ youuuu, mother-@*#$...."

Porter Melmoth said...

Well touché-d, p!f!

I commend your courage in plumbing the depths of such mutant cultures.

b! said...

No plumbing necessary, PM - and laudation from a crafty raconteur as yourself is greatly appreciated. Gotta vent with wacky humor at our disingenuous corporate models.

Why speakin' of, Scottie's on! Haw Haw Haw, Mercy! *click*

The Grimblebee said...

Commentary on Terri Gross on my blog, follow link; and thank you for this excellent blog.