Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Today's menu on Morning Edition was remarkably similar to yesterday's menu. There's more patriotic feasting on the war dead and their relatives served up yet again with gobs of syrup. But wait, today's offering had a bit of a twist: a bit of pungent sausage starts things off. Renee Montagne was waiting tables and though it was the same old rotten sausage as before, we got a a real Support for the Troops™ treat!
Montagne: "We begin in Bangor, Maine where American soldiers have stopped as they head overseas...At the terminal in Bangor the outbound soldiers have a last chance to call loved ones. It's also an opportunity for a group of volunteers to show their support for the troops....Bill Knight and his fellow volunteers have greeted more than 670,000 troops in the years since the Gulf War began. He's a veteran and he remembers soldiers being heckled when they returned from Vietnam; now he says he's there to give soldiers top notch treatment.
If this tasty brunch left you hungry, don't worry; at NPR's Homeland Buffet it's all you can eat, all the time.


big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

Heh. And feh. They're just doin' their part for 'the cause' - to tamp down any semblance to growing dissent. And what with the legislative "victory" of bolstering the FISA laws, I guess it's working (?).

Happy bleeping days.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they're trotting out that old spittin' myth again. But then, of course I believe they are, it's their propagandizin', patriotic job.

Mytwords said...

The spit that never (dries) dies!