Monday, June 02, 2008

Open Thread

NPR comments always welcomed.


larry, dfh said...

Tues AM on wbur (Boston) had a really sleazy segment on their locals, with bob oakes (dumb as a board, too). He had two opposing 'analysts', one a dem and one a repub, however they were both vehemently anti Hillary. It was frustrating to hear the over-acted sarcasm and the scornful tones. It surely wasn't news, it was gossip without the 'he said/she said' parts. Just talk-show stupid, about what I would expect from the fluffers at Non-Professional-Radio.

Porter Melmoth said...

I'm actually sampling a bit of Inscreep's Karachi findings, and getting a bitter kick out of his 'Renee, you won't believe how they DO things over here!!' approach. Lots to dissect, but I won't bother except to say that he profiles the corruption and the mafia nature of Karachi's administration as if it only applied to Karachi. Funny, everything he showed as dysfunctional in Karachi has been known to crop up in many, many American cities. Of course, when NPR discovers stuff for the first time, that means that it didn't exist before NPR discovered it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear the item on WBUR -- but I can't agree enough about Oakes. Your comparison is a little hard on fine, upstanding lumber, though. Oakes used to infuriate me. Now he's just sort of funny-sad.