Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

Based on the high-quality exchange between Inscreep and Renayy Mundane this morning, I sent the following to it's assured doom in National Prepubescent Radio's Spam-Branding Dead Letter Department:

"What planet is NPR reporting from? I found Steve Inskeep's summary of his Karachi discoveries breathtakingly inane. If this is Inskeep's personal progress toward knowledge of how the world really is, well and good, but such self-absorption has no place in a purportedly serious news program. It should be confined to a feature show. By all means, the world is there to be discovered and reported on, but to couch any such report in a gee-whiz incredulousness (i.e. "Karachi actually has a garbage problem - just like we do") is not only embarrassing to listen to, it is insulting - to the people of Karachi, if no one else. It also reeks of colonialism.

Next time, please leave South Asian investigations to a truly seasoned and credible reporter like Philip Reeves. For too much of the time, despite his securing significant sources, Inskeep's prime motive seems to be showing off his talent for 'motor-mouthing', which is highly distracting.

Could such a supposedly seasoned reporter as Inskeep truly be so vacuous, or is he just talking down to an audience that NPR wishes to capture? Either way, listening to NPR is becoming an increasingly tedious experience, and one to be avoided.

I fully realize that NPR's strategy is to build on a younger (and inevitably, a more dumbed-down) audience, but in that process, an evolution toward commercial technique will no doubt come into full flower. NPR may gain listeners by this (which is apparently the goal of this 'public' enterprise), but others will move on."

big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

Well parlayed, Port. I'm sure it gave 'em quite a chuckle - if they paid any heed to it at all in the first guffin' place. Glad we can bask in it here though, where your efforts were not for naught!

DOWN WITH THE 'KREEP! And take that 'Mundane' (good one!) parakeet with ya!

Mytwords said...

Man, I hate to delete comments, but #2 had this in it: "Zionist/Jewish control of MSM." Sorry, but that's over my line. As anyone knows who reads this, I'm not pro-Zionist, but leave the "Jewish" baiting out.