Saturday, June 28, 2008

Open Thread

NPR related comments welcomed.

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Porter Melmoth said...

Two items:

Auntie Liane presented the latest 'check in' with that Capt. Fatty (is that supposed to be a funny name?) dude, who's doing a bit of good will 'ambassadoring' in the S. China Sea. For someone engaged in a high adventure gig, he’s one of the most boring personalities imaginable. However, he graced us with a dippy encounter with 'Muslim' fishermen. I notice he said 'Muslim' and not 'Malaysian'. Now Malaysia is a sophisticated, multicultural society, with a Malay majority who are indeed Muslims, but there are also significant Chinese and Indian populations. I've been there, and quite frankly, Malaysia is not a place where you brand people before you even speak to them. I would call them Malaysians first, and then work from there. Anyway, this Fatty character did a little 'War on Terror' speculation about these fisherman with all the skill of Gwen Thompkins in Africa: condescension first, followed by diplomacy with a guitar or some other trinket for the natives. I found his report naive and disgusting, but perfect material for the ideal NPR listener.

Then, the Simonizer recently delivered a bizarre and sour-grape 'tribute' to the late great George Carlin. SS could only label him 'tough', and then proceeded with an attempt to 'out-Carlinize' Carlin's commentary on words or something. It was a flop, to say the least, and he even used that gooey lampoon voice a few times. George Carlin did not suffer fools gladly, and I'm sure Lil' Scooter fit right into that category for him.

RIP George.