Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fair and Balanced

On Sunday afternoon's hourly news summary with Barbara Klein, she said, "Security is high in Denver....a wide range of protesters are preparing to demonstrate....This morning about a
thousand people showed up for an antiwar rally on the steps of the state capital. NPR's Jeff Brady is there."

Somehow, poor Jeff was a bit confused. Observing a thousand antiwar protesters and a handful of counter-demonstrators, he figured he'd even things out by sympathetically repeating the slogans and arguments of the counter-demonstrators so that we'd get a Fair and Balanced™ report:
"There were a few folks standing on one corner with "Support Our Troops" signs and mothers of servicemen who were killed in the wars, uh, kind of counter-protesting, saying that their sons had died for the freedoms of the protesters, but it was very peaceful as the march walked by, very respectful, both sides shouted their message and that was it."
Barbara Klein closes it with: "NPR's Jeff Brady reporting from Denver." That's generous.


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