Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Latest

I've been back for several days, but just haven't had the umph to post on any NPR stories of late. I woke up Friday to the brain killing report on the first ladies' fashion (uggh). However, I was surprised by Jaffe's decent report on the 1968 Dem. Convention which didn't blame the 1968 protesters and commented on the disgraceful protest "pens" for dissenters and protesters in Denver.

Feel free to add your own comments as usual.


Slave Revolt said...

Commenting that 'at least' NPR didn't try to call the '68 protesters 'terrorists' is like noting that a child molester went to McDonalds without creeping out to the playground area.

The point of the report was to remark on fashion and the presidental competitors' wives.

I found the report mildly enlightening, and rather staid.

More entertaining would be a discussion of the wives' nightware.

Sears or Victoria's Secret, blah, blah, blah...

Of course, the mock victorian discretion of the conservative NPR hosts simply wouldn't allow such talk--just like there is to be no discussion of how many Iraqi and Afghani children have been permanently maimed in our efforts to liberate these recalcitrant muslims.

Sigh. Why can't all these third worlders simply understand that we are trying to liberate them, to set them on the path toward peace and civilized behavior?

Sometimes I just don't get it. But NPR certainly does! My one-stop media shopping mall.

War On War Off said...

They have had other reports in the last few days where they talk about the "violence" of Chicago, without stating that it was a police riot. I caught another one this morning. Ooooh...scary anti-war protesters might create scary Chicagoey violence...

Slave Revolt said...

As a 'lefty' I can't help but despise the NPR creepers.

I know, I know...but what the hell, can't I be allowed a fantasy in which these coddled, overpaid hacks for political and corporate power are forced to do manual labor on an organic farm?

No, I don't wish these fakes bodily harm; but hard labor while having to listen to Noam Chomsky lectures seems appropriate.

But, alas, barring a Soviet style economic meltdown, I don't see that happening.

If they all live as long as state-propagandist Daniel Shore, we're really screwed.