Wednesday, August 06, 2008

WalMarvelous Roundup Ready News

Boy have I ever been stupid. I thought WalMart was only interested in crushing unions, building big, ugly megastores, crushing small businesses and maximizing profits. And I had even more sinister delusions about Monsanto. I thought they were in the business of bullying their way into monopolizing the global seed market, ruining the environment, taking over Latin American agriculture, crushing their critics, and making gobs of money to boot.

Fortunately NPR has come to the aid of these gentle and beleaguered giants (again). Golly, good ole WalMart and Monsanto just want to help the poor Honduran farmer break free from the laws that impoverish and help grow endless supplies of wholesome food so they and their countries can grow prosperous. It's like Jesus and the loaves and fishes! Who knew?

I know WalMart is a corporate sponsor of NPR. If Monsanto isn't, they ought to get on it.


big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

I recall a few years back (when I had 'em on regularly, pity me) when one or more NoPR shows celebrated the planting of the 1 millionth GMO seed - like it was such a GOOD thing?!

Mytwords said...

Anonymous posted the following comment, but I've removed the homophobic, racist content. Reminder: keep your remarks free of racist, homophobic, violent,sexist language or you'll get deleted (Play nice):

America loves Wal*Mart, Communist____________. What is it you love so much about high prices, inconvenience and low selection? What is your kind of store--Joe Stalin Mart, where the prices are high, the store's only open two days a week, there's no selection and all of the employees are ________________ and ______________ members ready to prey on the customers?

If you hate America so much, Communist _______________, why don't you GET THE HELL OUT AND GO SO SURRENDER MONKEY LAND?

And oh yes, ___________--HOW BIG WAS YOUR CELEBRATION ON SEPT. 11, 2001?


big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

Hmmm, what a paradoxical spew that was. "America loves Wawwl Mawwwrt, Communist bleh bleh bleh" - then consider where said corporation receives a good portion of its merchandise. Talk about primates!

Slave Revolt said...

My God! Hasn't the mainstream corporate/government media here in the US become almost exactly how were are told China and the Soviet Union were back in the bad ole days?

When you are critical of WalMart, with their notorious record of exploitation and being greed slime-mongers--and you get called out on it by today's version of a John Bircher (probably a faithful contributor to NPR).

Just, WOW! How the managed flow of corporate propaganda does wonders, year-in, year-out.

If you don't like slave wages and slow immiseration--between your egg-mcmuffin and Car Talk--why don't you just leave to...why don't you go to....err...Why don't you get your commie-ass to Venezuela!

(Note to the really hip, non-exploiting, recycling, non-cynical supporters of this blog: why don't we just stay here, mock how lame the corporate/government media is--and get out in our communities trying to engage in positive contributions that entail making democracy happen! No, we choose to stay in the country we were born in and love--we choose to change it for the better by exposing your lamestrame asses to continual derision. If you don't like it--then challenge our ideas on equal playing ground, where will we always kick your sad, unpatriotic, exploiter asses. nough said.)