Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Kevan Smith said...

What's NPR's take on the police at the NRC?

Here's one clue: "What the Well-Dressed Cop Wears at the RNC"

big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

^ Okay, okay - just what the blip are they tryin' to achieve? An ostensibly 'ultra-hip' antithesis to the great "Check"??!

Can't wait to see the responses start rollin' in on that particular entry - reminds me of a passage from Wm. Burroughs:

"Ernie was a general lover, the only thing worse than bein' a cop lover."

Anonymous said...

Was I just unlucky or what? I dipped in and out of NPR coverage today and no matter when I happened to tune in I managed to catch some right-wing flack praising the speech made by that mendacious harpy last night. It was of the "Gettysburg was good, but our Sarah was better . . ." variety and went unchallenged by NPR personnel, of course. The day culminated, on Talk of the Nation, with some guy from the Wall Street Journal stopping just short of accusing Obama of outright conspiracy to commit voter fraud.

And for you WBUR (Boston) listeners: How are you enjoying the convention coverage of Bob Oakes? Seriously, the guy is so dim-witted the other morning I heard him screw up a time check.

larry, dfh said...

Haven't had the stomach or inclination to listen to npr or any of the other commercial radio stations for a couple of months now. We now have high-speed at work, and since I am self-employed, I can listen to Amy Goodman any time I want. I was just wondering how npr will fare under the palin administration, seeing how deep her vindictive streak runs. The mice at npr will really be under scrutiny then!