Friday, September 12, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments are always welcomed.


Grimblebee said...

Tom Bowman on ATC talking about why the administration might be stepping efforts to go after Bin Laden: "because they might want his pelt on the wall."


Porter Melmoth said...

Well Grimble, that there pelt or hyde or whatever, whether manufactured or genu-wine, will look mighty sweet, mounted on the wall of his liberry, after he bags him on the last day of his administration.

Dan (I mean Ann - her vodka and cigarettes film-noir voice is so confusing!) Garrels is mapping out NPR's future course toward the New Colder War by skulking around the Crimea, needling people and getting them to gripe about their creaky old Russo-Ukrainian bad feelings. Yup, Anne of Green Zone Garrels is ready for on-stage duty in a bran-new theatre of war, now that boring ol' Baghdad is so dull and serene. Naked or in babushka disguise, she'll be there for us, right at the front!

Ari 'Hurricane-Hunter' Shapiro's storm-chasing again! This time he's nobly facing Ike in Galveston. One of NPR's bigger (and prize-winning) intellectual giants, he asks a man who fled a previous storm, 'What was it like to spend 21 hours stuck in traffic?' I know, Ari's very kind when he talks down to people of (probable) color.

My friends, these are days of wonder, when Sarah 'Miss LensCrafters of 1996' Palin is the person who knows more about Energy than anyone else in the nation, and she also knows all about Russia because Alaska is close to Russia (both McCain statements, made, I suspect, in a prescription drug haze – but let’s not give him too much credit).