Saturday, September 27, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

Every once in a while it is a catharsis for me to complain about some trivial matter concerning NPR. Today I'm a sourpuss about the 'Puzzle' sequence which graces WeakEnd Addiction Sunday. I cannot tell you why I indulge it, but I find its 'gentle humor' and blandness to be cringe-making as only NPR can serve it up. Will Shortz-n-Quarts and Auntie Liane are two of the most egotistical personalities at NPR. I know they are beloved by millions, but Will's just a 'modest' showoff and Auntie L always sounds like a spoiled child. Together they have perfected NPR's special kind of condescension and subversive superiority. Humor-wise, I'm no snob (hell, 1960s Jerry Lewis can be hilarious!), but the self-satisfied 'entertainment' that Will 'n Auntie gift us with before church sets new standards in the New American Banality. I know the adoring hordes love Auntie L.'s personal touches, but today someone had the amazing idea of having her two kids read off the 'loot' list for the contestant as a surprise, so that they could wish their mom an early Happy Birthday. A sweet,sweet touch, but the wonder of it all was so overblown and the substance of it was so ordinary and non-memorable, that I had to remember just how full of themselves these NPR-oids are, even down to the most trivial of matters. Thus my burning desire to point them out.

However, I am officially ashamed to have devoted the time and effort to this senseless little critique, but you know something? I feel better now, and I'm all ready for a week's preparation in anticipation of Sarah 'Miss LensCrafters' Palin's big debate premiere. Eat your heart out, Auntie L., Sarah's a-comin'!

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm going to disagree here. I find the whole puzzle segment totally inane and uninteresting, but I absolutely disagree when you say that Liane is one of "the most egotistical personalities" at NPR.

Compared to Scott Simon, she's the paragon of humility. Sunday mornings are at least listenable and often interesting (save the puzzle segment which is, as you say, cringe-worthy though not The Capital Steps cringe-worthy) compared with Saturday morning NPR fare which is a botfly-larvae-in the-brain level of horror because of the political douchbagishness and infinite creepiness of Mr. Simon.

Anyway, I think Liane's OK.

Porter Melmoth said...

Fair enough, but I would point out that the 'lull factor' projected by NPR's less offensive personalities helps to encapsulate listeners with the whole surrounding NPR package. That is, that NPR is essentially a benign and even benevolent enterprise that we should be hesitant to criticize because they are providing all these wonderful and positive features - that actually cover more sinister purposes. Conspiracy theory? At least Fox News makes no bones about mocking their own 'fair and balanced' statement of cynicism, while NPR News doesn't really stand for they??