Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yanked - Fatsis Hits One Out of the Park

If you haven't yet heard, Yankee Stadium will be gone after this week, and a new Yankee Stadium will take its place next week. On Friday's ATC NPR's favorite sports yakker Stefan Fatsis, who NPR again and again reminds us has "written on sports and the business of sports for the Wall Street Journal." With a pedigree like that you can guess that there was nothing at all about the scam of taxpayers forking out hundreds of millions so that sports franchises can get rich, and nothing about the likely fraud involved in this particular sports stadium ripoff. No all Fatsis can do is salivate over it's opulence:

" get to the actual new stadium, which is going to be just a monument to modern sports capitalism. It should be a money printing machine if Wall Street and the riches of New York don't totally vanish in the next few months. And it should make the Yankees an even greater economic power in baseball than they currently are. Luxury suites selling for up to 800,000 dollars a season."

Yeah, a money printing machine. That is rich.

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