Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All's Quiet in the Henhouse

Tonight on ATC, Michelle Norris and Mara Fox News Liasson pretend that all is about equally negative between the two candidates for President, and Norris asks, " Is there a more negative tone than we've been hearing in previous campaigns?"

To which Liasson answers, "I dont' think so. That 'too risky for America,' I bet you and I have heard that every single election, we haven't seen a Willie Horton ad, we haven't seen John McCain accused of fathering an illegitimate black child. I think this is rather tame if you look at the history of campaigns. I do think it is getting tougher. I think the difference is that you see Barack Obama basically saying that McCain is mentally unstable, that he's erratic...what McCain has been doing is using a kind of guilt by association charge, raising the question of whether Obama has been completely truthful about his relationship with William Ayers..."

Well, I guess if you draw some of your pay from the sleaze machine called Fox News, then it all looks "pretty tame." And it's ironic that Liasson mentions the 2000 "whisper campaign" against McCain, when the vile anti-Muslim/Arab whisper campaign against Obama is the heart and soul of the McPalin mob strategy.

In addition to taking her morals from the Fox News den, I guess Liasson is not Arab or could care less how they are trashed by the Hate Talk Express. The racist overtones of the McCain camp seem to elude her too, although the report tonight opened with Norris noting that this past weekend Masa McCain promised to "quote, whip his you know what." I guess that means the "you know what" on "that one."


Anonymous said...

Obama never equated being erratic with mentally unstable. Liasson is just making stuff up.

But McCain has been "erratic" lately. He has been all over the place -- and that incldues the debate floor (with his pacing).

Only an idiot would deny this. Even some of McCain's staunchest supporters have noted this.

And as far as the claim that attacks on Obama are not as bad as attacks on candidates in previous campaigns, I'd have to say that Liasson is just a biased hack.

The Palin claim that Obama was "palling around with terrorists" is much more serious than a simple questioning of his honesty.

It is essentially a claim that Obama is himself a terrorist or at least that he has the same feeling s toward the united states that terrorists have.

Liasson must think we are all idiots if she actually expects us to buy her crap.

I have listened to Liasson for a long time (years) and in my opinion, she was NEVER a real journalist.

big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

^ Ah, the very claim that ol' Pop-eye leveled against Amy Goodman. We'd be prone to assess - at the end of the day, of course - look! - Liar-son's concern lies more in permanent placement on the guest list at 'le cocktail weenie soirée du jour.'

Macon D said...

Liasson is another NPR smooth-talker that I tune out as soon as I hear her name. And she and the rest of the golden-throated mellow-tones would never delve into another cause for McCain's erratic, tempermental behavior: he's probably a drug-addict.

RepubLiecan said...

Since Steve Inskeep's canard that using the word erratic to describe McCain's behavior was the Obama campaign's sly way of calling him old didn't work, this must be National Psychic Radio's new divine insight in their attempt to diminish Obama's lead. I guess this also means that all the conservatives that have described McCain's behavior as erratic are calling him old and mentally unstable as well. This has to be good for the Republiecans.