Sunday, October 05, 2008

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


War On War Off said...

Lil Scotty Simon cut off an interview last Saturday almost at the exact moment Glass Steagall was mentioned. Didn't ask what it was. Didn't show any curiosity. Didn't give any background. Just "Thank you very much."

He'd earlier let an unrepentant Wallstreeter go on and on about how Main Street would be in trouble if it didn't bail out his sorry ass. Thought the contrast was...rather revealing.

RepubLiecan said...

This morning on Morning Edition, the ever prescient and clairvoyant Steve Inskeep was able to divine that the Obama campaign calling McCain's recent behavior erratic was really meant to call him old. It's funny he didn't also mention that Palin's calling Obama "otherly" wasn't a not so veiled way of saying "he's black". Keep it up Steve, this audition for the fair and balanced news network is going really well.

woodenclouds said...

how much money do these people make and who is paying them? Isn't this supposed to be "public radio"?

Where can I check on the amount of money paid to all of the people in the various state and national PBS venues?


Mytwords said...

I also found the erratic=old to be a rather bizarre conclusion (esp. given McCain's erratic behavior in just the last few weeks).

As far as salaries, it's hard to find out what everyone makes, but the 990s from the IRS are on NPR's website and you can see what the the big hitters make. Siegel, Inskeep, and Montagne are well over the quarter million mark (put that in your pledge drive!). See this post for links:
Six Figure Fools

woodenclouds said...

Thanks mytwords, I can't believe these guys make that much dough and then beg for money on their pledge drives. yuck!

I'll check out the link you listed.