Friday, November 21, 2008

Inskeep Freaks

Last night on Crooks and Liars I saw this post about Iran and wondered how long it would take NPR to join the orchestra of FEAR. Well, dang, they didn't waste anytime. This morning Inskeep was pounding the "Iran Might Go Nuclear" drum as hard as his rich little hands could bang it. Echoing his kindred spirits over at Fair and Balanced, Inskeep was very afraid about Iran having 1400 lbs. of enriched uranium which could, possibly, if, maybe, theoretically, someday become enough highly enriched uranium for...1 bomb!

Inskeep worried, "So that sounds kind of frightening. Is it?"

Mike Shuster (no investigative journalist himself) again and again emphasized the utterly hypothetical nature of this uranium ever being highly enriched. But Inskeep was undeterred; he asked, "So should the rest of the world be concerned....[and] how concerned should President-elect Obama be about a problem that he's going to inherit?"

Holy crap, if Inskeep really wants to scare himself silly he could lay awake nights and think about all that potential nuclear bomb material just hiding under the soil of Iran which someday, perhaps in the future, if the decision is made, just might possibly somehow get turned into not one but dozens of nuclear bombs....Seems like somebody wants to get his war on.


Kevan Smith said...

I really don't know if Iran is developing a nuclear bomb or not, but I can think of one reason they might think it's a good idea: deterrence. With both Israel and the U.S. having threatened Iran with nuclear attack through euphemism, it's no wonder the country might at least be carrying out A-bomb research.

Nuclear strategy isn't complex. It's MAD and it's NUTS. MAD is of course Mutual Assured Destruction, while NUTS is Nuclear utilization target selection, a strategy developed during the Cold War to destroy the target country's nuclear arsenal in a massive first strike.

As for Inskeep beating the war toms for Iran, he definitely looks Chicken Little-ish. But I'm scared of what any already nuclear armed nation could do with it's arsenal.

For those still interested in opposing nuclear arms, I recommend the good 'ol Friends Committee: . I loves me some Quakers.

Anonymous said...

Iran is interested in a nuke to deter a conventional attack as well as a nuclear one.

They see all too clearly what happened to Iraq.

Inskeep's biggest problem is the same problem that announcers at Fox news (and many others at NPR) have: they let their ideology get in the way of their reporting.

The funniest part is that Inskeep does not even think that anyone notices. he thinks he is coming across as "fair and balanced" when in reality he comes across as an uninformed hack.

Porter Melmoth said...

I would add that the NPR voices represent the powers that be behind the scenes. The terms 'shill' and 'mouthpiece' are always in play, just like at Fox and with talk radio. While Insfreak & Co. undoubtedly motormouth their own feelings/opinions via tone, innuendo or blatant spit-ups, they undoubtedly take their orders from higher up. The stakes are too high to allow for very much individual thought.

I know this is 'NPR 101', but I have to keep reminding myself, lest I forget... (Not likely!)

(Outstanding use of 'The Scream'! Munch would get a kick out of it, although I could put my own mug in there as a response to Neurotic Pest Radio.)