Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yardwork with Anne

Goodness me, I thought that Israel's Gaza Massacre was all about slaughtering children and attacking UN safe havens. How wrong I was - turns out that "Operation Cast Lead" was just a bunch of Israeli groundskeepers going in to Gaza to mow the grass. Seriously, I learned that from brush-clearing Anne Garrels tonight on NPR as she claimed to be presenting Israeli "analysts, who cover the political spectrum..." One of these brilliant scholars, "Efraim Inbar says, the best that can be hoped for is conflict management. He calls it mowing the grass." Honestly, that's what Garrels said, and then let Inbar speak for himself:
"We go in, do some damage to the terrorist infrastructure knowing well that this type of hatred toward Israel cannot be totally eliminated and we'll have to do it again."
Yes, Garrels really covered the breadth of Israeli opinion in the piece that she opened by claiming, "The one thing Israelis agree on is that Israel showed, after what many consider a humiliating defeat in Lebanon two years ago, it can respond forcefully." I guess Amira Haas and Uri Avnery and Btselm workers don't fall qualify as Israeli analysts, but the following do:
I hope Anne doesn't feel too bad for wielding the old, bloody hedge-trimmer for Israel, she's in good company with a couple of other brush clearers - Ronny and W.


Porter Melmoth said...

This is really what is disgustingly sinister about NPR. Garrels pimps now for gangland/mafia movements. No wonder she sounds more haughty and 'tough gal-like' than ever. She must hate herself so much, knowing that she's sold out to the cheapest common denominator. Even the average shills elsewhere at NPR must be appalled.

She isn't even worth coming up with gag names for, anymore.

Anonymous said...

I hope Anne doesn't feel too bad for wielding the old, bloody hedge-trimmer for Israel,"

You gotta remember that Garrels is the one who interviewed the torture victims and then played their "confessions" on national radio.

Garrels has no shame and certainly no empathy. She's without a doubt one of the most disgusting "jounalists" in US history.

War On War Off said...

"Mowing 'em down" indeed. With apologies to Godwin, I think we've reached the point of Nazi Public Radio.

Porter Melmoth said...

Only a cheap-ass p-ganda outfit working for the Big Boys would even RETAIN a scrap hack such as Garrels after her disgraceful sham involving the torture victims.

Of course, she always sounds so 'important' on the air, and the tender souls back at NPR World HQ probably thought that, after so many hardass assignments in I-rak, she should be allowed a muck-up or two. (Hell, they agreed with her in any case...)

biggo!pinko!fuzzo!bunno! said...

Yah. When I found out (via the only occasion I permit in my auditory canal, the headlines) that Major General Garrulous was on the case in Gaza... hoo boy.

Susan said...

I have not been able to listen to Anne Garrels without an intense feeling of revulsion since I heard her reporting from Baghdad on the day looting started on our watch. She was there right before the whole town and its people officially started to be torn apart, and all she commented, or rather grunted, about was the handsomeness of a US soldier she saw. Though she pointed out that he was a little ripe through no fault of his own. She is still keeping up the good work.

Maine Owl said...

Garrels celebrated the Marines mowing in Fallujah during her embed there by recording the music they played to rile up their targets so they could be cut down.