Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed. Yes you can!


Anonymous said...

ME had a Bobby Jindal lovefest this morning, as Juan Williams gushed about the "next Barack Obama". Too bad he didn't go into what Jindal really said yesterday, nothing but the same tired Republican tax cut rhetoric. Plus nothing about Jindal's anti-science stances. But oh, well, what does Juan/NPR care, they think they have a snowed with their "we're the best journalists around" boasting (which was repeated every ten minutes last week during the WAMU begfest.

grand!rose!brouillé!lapin! said...

"Best journalists around" my left ahem.

Though not a Texas native, I just sent a congratulatory note to WFAA's (a local ABC affiliate, of all things) Brett Shipp for being co-awarded the 2009 duPont-Columbia Gold Baton for his exposé on faulty residential gas service couplings causing fatal home explosions; this first came to my attention by way of an 'Exposé' progam folded into a Moyers Journal show last Nov. He also quickly responded with a warm reply.

uNPR could take a few lessons in journalistic integrity from this cat!

War On War Off said...


Maybe it's cause Bobby's an exorcist. He can exorcise the DEMONS from the economy. Wooo.

"Come out, Jezebel! Out! OUT!"

War On War Off said...

Oh, and check this out. My local station KUT will celebrate its 50 years of broadcasting this weekend with a Black Tie GALA!

Emceed by Robert Siegal!

Keynote by torture apologist Anne Garrels!

They'll even sit at your table for a mere $25K or $10K!

Looking at the pricey table chart and its uber rich sponsors, there's no doubt who their target audience is, and it ain't poor ol' you and me, that's fo sho.

Anonymous said...

Anne Garrels is just grotesque.

Her interview of the torture victims in Iraq was so far over the journalistic line that it made her seem closer to "CIA" than "journalist".

μεγάλος!ροζ!συγκεχυμένος!κουνέλι! said...

... And ya know what, WOWO? Their benefactors can HAVE 'em! If I had to sit tableside & endure listening to Rootypoop McCheekle drone on... blecch.

Hubertg said...

If these GOP govenors want to get their faces on national media...this is how they do it.
These guys who say "they don't want the money" are pissed 'cause it ain't their idea, and they are a bunch of cry baby obstructionists that have lost financial face. I hope the democrats spend money on America until the cows come home.

Steve said...

They had a long segment today on Morning Edition with Chuck Grassley, who touted the need for tax cuts. No mention of the President's tax cuts. No challenging of what the Senator was saying, and how these policies led to the deficits we face today.


Porter Melmoth said...

Wow gang, I've been away from uNPR for a spell, and the circus is even circus-ier! I'm all dizzied up!