Sunday, March 08, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Madison Wilburs said...

Has NPR landed a major sponsorship from Mattel? Two Barbie pieces in one week to celebrate "her" 50th. One story is (perhaps) acceptable, since Barbie is, like it or not, influential in our culture. But two stories? It's not as if it's been a slow news week. Or should we expect even more of this mindless distraction as our economy continues to head south?

larry, dfh said...

Here, this is what Glenn wrote on Sunday:
Our country is plagued by "journalists" like The Washington Post's Dana Milbank, giggling with smug derision over the very few efforts to investigate these massive crimes -- and then even lying on NPR by claiming that support for investigations is confined to "a small but very vocal minority within the Party – these are the same folks who were pushing for the impeachment of the President and the Vice President right up [dismissive chuckling] basically to the time of the Inauguration" (to see how flagrantly false is Milbank's statement about support within the Party for investigations, see here and here and here; the NPR host, needless to say, said nothing to correct him).

gopol said...

As usual, a story about Venezuela that attempts to paint them as wild eyed emotional revolutionaries allied with "Cuba and Belarus" and provides no context about how they got this way. The audioscape is telling: the Chavez supporters are strident with bad audio and the "small opposition" is calm with a clear signal.

Grimblebee said...

Listening to Steve Inscreep guffawing on the radio this morning may be the most god-awful sound in the universe. I'd rather listen to my cat puking in surround sound.

God, I miss Bob Edwards! How many years has it been? Those were the days when I actually woke up looking forward to turning on ME and being reasonably informed and entertained. Maybe my nostalgia is naive and politically incorrect, but at least his was a voice both soothing and fun.

Porter Melmoth said...

Grimblebee, everything you feel is normal.

Inskreepiness is abnormal.