Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I think this little gem of a title from NPR.org (Monday's ATC) gets the corporate wet kiss award. Internet Bandwidth Hogs? I don't think Bewkes could have written it better himself.

Interestingly the feature ends with Siegel stating, "and you can find some links to groups fighting the Time Warner bandwidth cap and other stories on the matter at our website at npr.org/alltech." Somebody help me here. I poked around and seemed to miss those links - anyone see them?

The most obvious link would be to Free Press which is leading the fight against this latest corporate attempt to strangle the Internet. At the link you can sign their petition.


Hubertg said...

Of course...if they tie up the last place to find free speech info and news...it's a done deal.
I don't think it's about $ as much as it is to secure the flow of information and thus secure power.
These gangsters want the whole damn pie. I hope they all burn in hell.

Bill Michtom said...

Clicked the link to first set of comments and found stopthecap.com and meterthis.com.

There may be others.