Friday, April 10, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

Perhaps an item of interest:

In the latest 'Vanity Fair', a great column by James Wolcott on the worthlessness of today's media pundits. No surprises, and NPR and Wan Williams, Maw-ra & Co ain't mentioned, but JW's rapier is sharp and deadly.

Porter Melmoth said...

Just a progress report:

I am currently encountering ZERO temptation to turn on uNaturally Pus-filled Radio these days, not even to get a mucking weather report. Like our resident big! easter!bunny!, I am bathing in the bilious glow of this here blog in order to keep the vinegar hot and sour. Great work you stalwarts are doing!

biggy!pinky!fuzz!bunn! said...

Then I count myself in good n' solid company in that regard, Herr Melmoth. 'Headlines only' remains the daily rule. Of course the enjoyment is immeasurable hoppin' in here to read in on the latest outrage that I so graciously happened to miss; call it payback for being deprived a return on my investment from those hapless years of earnest member renewals.

Sounds like the piece you referenced (I check JW's blog fairly regularly) could work as an updated chapter on his 'Attack Poodles' book from a couple years back? When he's skewering the ruling elite and their footsoldiers is when I find him at his most enjoyable.


gopol said...

Mata Lyingsin on Obama's overseas tour: "He's different from George W. Bush." "He was very popular with the public." "On policy he came back with a lot less." "The French agreed to take only one single prisoner from Guantanamo."

It's like she's pissed that the house negro is doing soft shoe when she had ordered that her service be prompt and quiet.

larry, dfh said...

Well then, you folks aren't getting your daily dose of propaganda. The other day was this really puff piece of steve rattner, which told us absolutely NOTHING. Oh yeah, he's

Anonymous said...

"Disgraced Ex-Gov. Spitzer On AIG: 'I Told You So' " by Robert Smith

I guess we know what NPR's Robert Smith's bias is before we even listen to his piece now don't we?

What in the world Elliot Spitzer's sexual escapades have to do with his assessment of the AIG bonus scandal is beyond me.

but Smith obviously thinks it is all important and tries dismisses Spitzer from the getgo because of it.

Smith is a blatant HACK (probably a self-righteous evangelical wing-nut is my guess) and all too typical of NPR these days.
Disgraced Ex-Gov. Spitzer On AIG: 'I Told You So'

by Robert Smith

All Things Considered, March 22, 2009 · The disgraced former governor of New York made his TV return Sunday, appearing on CNN and issuing an "I told you so" to people outraged about the post-bailout bonuses going to executives of AIG.

Anonymous said...

With a name like Smith, perhaps "Robert Smith" is a Mormon, many of whom (in my experience as a Utah resident for 15 years) are also very self-righteous and biased against anyone who has sexual mores different from their own.

miranda said...

No need to speculate on the religion of the NPR hosts -- they all seem to observe the same one (Orthodox Neoconism).

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is relevant, Miranda, though from what you have said on other threads and this one, it is pretty clear that you would deny that that is ever true.

miranda said...

I am fairly sure that engaging in religious witchhunts is not the purpose of this blog.

big!pink!fuzzy!egghunt! said...

Oh gawd, looks like it's NoPR Day on Meet the Press as headed by D. Gregory, or 'MC Smirky' as i less-than-affectionately address - MeeeShill with the "insights and analysis" panel? The Planet Monkey Boys after that too?


miranda said...

No one else offended by speculation about broadcasters' religious backgrounds based on their surnames?

Oh well.