Saturday, April 25, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Philip Weiss comments on Daniel Schorr:
April 25, 2009
Daniel Schorr dismisses Harman case as 'something of a brouhaha'

Daniel Schorr is a commentator on NPR's Saturday morning radio show. He has esteem in the liberal community. Per his autobiography, his mother was devoted to the Zionist cause, and that familial bias shows through in his work.

This morning, Scott Simon asked him about the Harman case and Schorr began by saying that Harman is a close friend of his, before getting the case wrong in a couple particulars. It didn't happen as Harman was trying to get the chairmanship of House Intelligence; it was fully a year earlier, as she was battling to keep her status as "ranking member" of the committee. It didn't involve an "investigation" of Israeli lobbyists, as Schorr said; the lobbyists had been indicted long before.

Schorr concluded that the matter is "something of a brouhaha." Brouhaha, now being replaced by kerfuffle in journalistic lingo, means People getting into a tizzy about something silly.

This takes me back to Jewish identity. Harman is a liberal hawk, virtually a neocon on Middle East matters. She pushed the disastrous Iraq war. Schorr is a liberal, and I'm sure hawkish. What worldview do these two people share? How much does Israel figure in it? What is its religious basis? And how important is antisemitism to them? What political crimes does this worldview overlook? And what should young liberals make of these values?

P.S. Both Scott Simon and Chris Matthews have called the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, "the American Israel Political Action Committee." But AIPAC is not a PAC. It is a devoted lobbying group, but it doesn't collect money to give to candidates. It takes stands on issues, and its members can do as they please.


Anonymous said...

Scott Simon prattles on (again) about the evil he can unerringly detect in "others" but can't see it within "us". He bleats about Iranian jails and the treatment of prisoners and after offering a sop to "liberal NPR listeners" (bad week to discuss other nations treatment of prisoners) goes onward fearlessly in service of the dominant culture.

I have sent Mr. Simon a copy of the coroner's report in the investigation of the torture/murder of Dilawar by US personnel in Afghanistan. This man had his bones pulverized and turned to "mush". The Army (and that's an important point imo) coroner stated that in her opinion the injuries Dilawar sustained were consistent with "being hit by a bus". It took 96 hours for Dilawar to die. Joshua Claus (a 21 year-old interrogator [WTF!!!!] Didn't Bush swear that only trained professionals were interrorgating detainees) said he became "angry" and took it a bit too far. The personnel used to come by and beat this man because there was nothing else to do. It was stated that this was done so that the Afghan man would start screaming for deliverance from his ordeal. Americans couldn't understand the words per se but they understood the terror they were inflicting upon this 22 year old.

Oh, did Mr. Simon know that officials at the air field where the detention/torture/murder took place were aware this guy was innocent?

Typical NPR BS though. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth about this or that but in the end "journalism stops at the bank teller's window".


no!scotty!saturdays!bunny! said...

Nice going, Ellen. But alas "at the end of the day" (I nasally intone) that & 4 bucks will get you a StarBUX.

Phooey on uNPR.

gopol said...

Are the advertisements I hear on KCRW done nationwide? The one for "Scott Tissues" really gets me: A "moist, flushable wipe" is how they describe Scott.

!!!! (bpfb) said...

Can't confirm, gopol (for reasons I all too redundantly declare) but can't dispute with THAT slogan.

Anonymous said...

edk said "Scott Simon prattles on (again) about the evil he can unerringly detect in "others" but can't see it within "us".

Scott Simon has the mentality required to be an "announcer" at Fox News, but lacks the "brains" -- so he had to settle for NPR.