Monday, May 11, 2009

Chickens and Eggs

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As mentioned in an earlier post on the most recent Afghan carnage from US air strikes, NPR presents heaps of skepticism when the US military is accused of any wrongdoing. This drumbeat was maintained by the "liberal" Dan Schorr on Saturday morning:
"...although military sources say they believe that the Taliban itself may have been responsible for at least some of those. The real problem there is that because we don't have enough troops in Afghanistan - that they do a lot of their work from the air, and if you are working from the air...clearly if we go on being blamed for, whether or not we did it, being blamed for the civilian casualties - it's not going to help our cause very much."
You've just got to love that phrase "work from the air" - Schorr is certainly doing his work on the air!

On Monday morning we get to hear from Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson who tells us
"There are very widely diverging accounts about what happened. You have the US military saying that the Taliban in fact may have caused these casualties. You have the human rights commissions saying these were caused by bombs, although they're basing this on second hand accounts....villagers that in fact the attacks did come from the Americans. BUT WHAT SEEMS TO BE CLEAR is that the Taliban instigated these attacks, that basically they had gone into these two remote villages and tried to collect taxes, behead people, or just take over the villages depending on who you talk to..."
How's that for logic? This is not a defense of the Taliban, but - seriously - because they are fighting the puppet of Kabul and the US/NATO occupiers they "instigated" the slaughter of civilians? But wait, shouldn't Nelson have said that the US instigated the deaths when it attacked Afghanistan in 2001? No, wait, maybe it was the Taliban who instigated the deaths when it hosted al-Qaeda who attacked the US in, wait, it was the US who helped extremists come to power by funding the, wait, it was the Soviets who invaded Afghanistan in wait it was the US who baited the Soviets into invading Afghanistan in the first place, no, wait....

Was it the chicken or the egg? On NPR, definitely the chicken...


Anonymous said...

You know when Hamid "Im'not a puppet, I'm a REAL boy" Karzai is coming out against the US air-strikes, things must be pretty bad.

Schorr is certainly doing his work on the air!"You mean Schorr's an airhead?

I'll drink to that.

Schorr should have quit years ago while he was ahead.

gopol said...

It's the steroids that keep Schorr going. His new baseball buddies share with Schorr. Septagons of seven proteins in a ring invade the nuclei of his gray cells and turn his conscience on the wheel.

Septagon: "You will suffer the fate of MSM libruls or be lashed with our serpentine belt!"

Schorr: "I will bomb on the air!"

WarOnWarOff said...

Guernica was a most successful work from the air.

Anonymous said...

Dresden, Hiroshimo, Hamburg, London Rotterdam

I just like the smell of burning flesh in the morning. It reminds me of . . . uh . . .oh yeah, Victory!