Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Listen Up Dummy

On Monday's ATC, Peres talks through Bob Siegel as this duo tries to drum up the fear factor regarding Iran. I loved this part in which Peres shares his political wisdom completely unchallenged:
"Political parties know that politics is based on compromises. Religious parties are uncompromising and that's the trouble with ___________________ ....they are so HOLY that they feel they have the right to kill other people...they are putting their own people in power. They've divided the Palestinian people. They invited an attack upon Gaza. They produce bloodshed..."
Only a complete dummy would miss the irony of Peres' description of the settler-friendly government of Israel Hamas.


Anonymous said...

"Religious parties are uncompromising and that's the trouble"The real trouble is that religious parties are like parties with Thing1 and Thing2.

They destroy the place and the UN then has to come in and clean up the giant mess they made.

It happened in Gaza. It happened in Lebanon and it happened in Iraq.

And yes, the invasion of Iraq WAS largely motivated by religion -- on many different levels.

Of course, that's not to say that everyone who pushed for the invasion was motivated by religion. Let's just say that the secular motivations (of Rumsfeld et al) dovetailed nicely with the religious ones (of Bush et al).

As a point of (elephant in the room) fact, the Republican party has basically become a religious party ("Rapture Ready borne again Evangelicals) although that's something that is rarely (if ever) discussed in this country.

Not on NPR, at any rate.

Porter Melmoth said...

Peres & The Blob will be the opening act at the Washed Up Hotel 'n Casino on the outskirts of Vegas. Ever since Mortimer Snerd retired, dummy acts have been hard to come by, and Vegas is particularly desperate these days.

But Peres & The Blob are a novelty act: former exotic PM dangles a faux intellectual on his lap, making him parrot propagandistic jabbering. Not bad - a little funky, but it could draw in the 'thinking' crowd...

(Hilarious graphic - darkly hilarious, of course.)

bbb!ppp!fff!bbb! said...

Heh-heh-heh. That pic appears like el Blobbo's got the ventriloquist's hand wayyyyy up the giggy ... and he's having a catharsis about it!