Thursday, May 14, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments are always welcomed.


Anonymous said...

NPR censors self on review of movie outing gay politicians:

Juan "Toss" Ensalada said...
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Juan "Toss" Ensalada said...

I listened to Yawn Williams do his usual soft-show shuffle with Increep this morning. It's always interesting to listen to these to guys dance, as if their "conversation" is really some genuine chat, rather than a completely staged affair. But that got me thinking. We all pretty much agree that Williams, Liasson and Roberts all pretty much carry the water for the right-wing, but if they ALL pretty much do the same thing, isn't this just NPR being needlessly redundant? If so, wouldn't you be pretty pissed if NPR was laying you off while keeping three clownish, conservative sound-alikes on the air? Nation Public Redundancy, I say.

Anonymous said...

Yes, bur repetition is the bread and butter of propagandists.

If you repeat something often enough, people WILL believe it.

Also having 3 versions of the same tripe is still advantageous in the same sense that 3 sock puppets supporting each other on a blog is advantageous.

Besides, how do we know that Juan, Cokie and Mara are actually NOT one and the same person?

Voice synthesizers can do amazing things and so can makeup and video editing (when these people appear on TV). I'd have to see the 3 of them together at an the Cheney's 70th birthday party to believe that they are actually different people (and that Dick Cheney is not actually Darth Vader without the mask)

gopol said...

Countdown to photoshop of Cheney kneeling behind a sock puppet stage with multiple arms sporting Mata, Yawn and Cookie puppets while speaking into a voice morphing mic - wait, what does one of those look like?

larry, dfh said...

Wed on m.e. was the inskreep formula for S.S. repair, bolstered by some murdock quack: cut benefits or raise withholdings. Both are regressive, thus the popularity with the w.s.j. Never were other options mentioned: raise the cap and withhold from investment income. The moneyed folks at npr don't like either of these suggestions, being the regressive elitist pricks that they are.

Anonymous said...


If so, wouldn't you be pretty pissed if NPR was laying you off while keeping three clownish, conservative sound-alikes on the air? Nation Public Redundancy, I say.

This is as far as most of them go (Rose is trying to get a job with the national network)


Anonymous said...

Did anyone listen to Williams talk about torture photos. It was hard but I had to leave before they got to his segment (I'm sure he was channeling Dick Cheney (before he dicks YOU) all the way.

He has no moral standards that can't be bought.


gopol said...

Speaking of moneyed pricks, the hapless banks were in ME report this am and Wells Fargo, Citibank and one other was named as banks that just never anticipated that there would be paperwork associated with refis on bad loans and just aren't set up to deal with the volume - even though the poor dears would collect more money by doing refis.

Oh, but B of A was an under-the-wire underwriter in not being named. Must be having acquired Countrywide, they're not much in the foreclosure business.

Anonymous said...

Hey, MTW

As usual, you were ahead of the curve on highlighting Planet Loony Adam Davidson's rabid attack on Elizabeth Warren.

Columbia Journalism Review basically agrees with your assessment.

Not sure why a webzine that has "journalism review" in their name would be reviewing Adam Davidson's crap*, but hey, who's complaining.

* I'm not sure what it is, but I'm pretty sure it ain't journalism. it's kind of funny really. Having an agenda is the thing that Davidson was criticizing Warren for, when in fact, it is Davidson who has the clear (Libertarian) agenda.

Anonymous said...


here's the CJR link again

b?p?f?b? said...

Ahhh, me sure do luv it when other outlets than our scurvy ship o' scalliwags take 'em to task.

Ready! Set! Backpedal! (and if you don't know how, just follow Major General Garrulous)