Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NPR Hearts IMF

Over on the sidebar you'll notice that I list Dean Baker's "Beat the Press" under General Media Critics. If you've never taken a gander a Baker's work - let me recommend it - especially today. He has a real smackdown of NPR's pathetic attempt at giving props to the IMF this morning.

Baker's merciless dissection of NPR's disinformation hinges on two major problems (lies?) with the story. One is a lie of omission - and one of commission.

On omission, Baker points out that though the NPR piece claims that IMF money is going to developing countries,
"The piece never mentions the fact that the bulk of the IMF lending at present is going to East European countries, not the developing world."
As for the making-crap-up department, Baker notes that NPR
"referred to a 'global savings glut' which it attributes to developing countries' fears that the IMF won't have enough resources to bail them out in a crisis, and therefore their need to self-insure. WRONG!!!!!!"
As he points out the reason for countries' savings was so these countries would never have to borrow from the insidious IMF which has a track record for ruining the economies it "helps." But instead of reading about it here, head on over to Baker's blog - you won't be sorry.


Anonymous said...

Baker exposes the people at Planet Money for who they really are: quacks.

It's not just that they have an agenda (which Davidson and others do), but it is also that they simply have NO CLUE when it comes to economics.

Take Davidson, for example. He has no background as an economist. None.

It is an insult to the intelligence of NPR listeners that this guy is allowed to run his mouth on critical economic issues day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

A comment on baker's blog (by "Austin") says the same thing you read here so often:

"NPR has a bad habit of simply repeating talking points rather than engaging in any kind of independent investigative journalism.

By the way, when did Juan Williams become an expert on anything?"

//end quote

Williams already has a reputation -- and NPR is getting one.

b~p~f~b~ said...

And the snowball gathers size & momentum - what can we say?

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

"Wan" Williams is the most expert, crap-rolling, ass-kissing sycophant since Clarence Thomas...

gopol said...

Woody, You're going to pass over Alberto Gonzales?

"In Texas, George Bush named me to his supreme court.
could the big one be next? I'd sure need his support.
so my advice was always the most approving sort
if I wanted the robe, I'd give nothing but solace,
and let bush be the head of Alberto Gonzalez.

miranda said...

Gopol, thanks for linking to Harry Shearer. Possibly the ONE thing my local NPR affiliate does right is to broadcast "Le Show."

My personal favorite of Harry's songs is "Who is Yoo?/Torture Memo Man..."