Thursday, November 05, 2009

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Good Morning all, well I'm caffinated and ready for another day.

Tuesday a referendum was held on a state's domestic partnership law, it passed by slim margin.

No, Grumpy is not confused or drinking early in the morning, in addition to Maine, where Gay Marriage lost, there was a referendum in Washington State (Who knew?). Not NPR' s Morning Edition.

"Washington's Referendum 71 -- which asked the state's voters to weigh in on the state's domestic partnership law -- was approved by a narrow 51-49 margin -- meaning same-sex couples get to keep state-granted rights otherwise given only to married couples. That's with 100 percent of the vote counted."

If you listened to NPR's Morning Edition this morning you would have heard numerous reports about the Maine referendum, also that 30 states have rejected Gay Marriage.

Number of time the Washington State vote was mentioned by NPR?


Yeah right, no agenda there.

biggerbox said...

As I wrote on the NPR site about today's ME:

Reactions of a party strategist are not news!

Party strategists are paid to promote their party, and one can expect that anything they say will be spin in service of that objective.

I can imagine, barely, some small value to a piece which aired an interview with two opposing party strategists, where the contention might highlight each's spin, but it would probably just devolve into he said, she said, and heat, but not light. Better to just avoid interviewing strategists at all.

So why was NPR bringing me pure Republican Party propaganda this morning, without even the fig leaf of some opposing Democratic propaganda? Why was I expected to listen to someone claiming that Tuesday's results are a sign of the rejection of the Obama agenda, when Obama now has two more reliable votes in the House? Why was I offered a fantasy story about Obama shutting out Republicans when the reverse has been the explicit, spoken agenda of Congressional Republican leadership? Why was I supposed to simultaneously believe that the "lesson" was that elections were about local issues, yet somehow they were criticism of Obama's agenda?

Why wasn't Steve Inskeep, asking these questions?

Juan "Toss" Ensalada said...

NPR reports: Maine and New York.
NPR omits: Washington and California. decide...

gopadope said...


Thanks for cogently articulating that!

jaytingle said...

This pattern of gay-rebuking on ME is probably pronounced enough to have gay-token Ari Shapiro looking over his shoulder. Shades of Ken Mehlman.

andywells2009 said...

Funny how, back 8 years ago, nobody said shit about VA and NJ going Democratic under Bush...

So now we know... Bush was in fact *repudiated* for 9/11!!!!

andywells2009 said...

PS - somebody please remind me... WHY do they call NPR *liberal* is it because they speak in soft tones and have wimpy tastes in pop music?

larry, dfh said...

Yeah, ken mehlman is pretty shady.
But seriously, Thrurday atc had a whole lotta war-rallying. Someone at Eschaton asked "where's max boot?" Why he was manning-up to be an expert on war (what else for a neocon?) on atc. Time for some 'Country Joe and the Fish' or some John Prine.

gopolganger said...

"What are we fightin' for?"