Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.

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gopolganger said...

Do you suppose the universe has room for alternate NPR hosts, the kind with spine enough to seek and speak truth to power?

The alterSimon (what he might of said to get himself fired and so join the groundswell of honest journalists like Dahr Jamail, Amy Goodman, etc.: "No wraith of war should be countenanced by credulity of speculative conclusions fed to media by war profiteers in international corporations whose interests are not aligned those of the US citizenry."

So what happened to alterSimon after being fired? His pay was divided by 10 and he could no longer to afford a penthouse apartment above Central Park and his wife divorced him because she couldn't stand the idea living in Shebogan, MI and his writings for small franchise fast food outlets never caught fire, despite his recycling of solid Methodist/Jewish position papers in ad copy.

byg!pynk!fuhzi!buhni! said...

^ Well, what price karmic baggage?

Bill the Cat said...

NPR says Dodd and Frank bills are about politics. See here.

Dean Baker says the WaPo says that the Dodd and Frank bills are about politics. See here.

NPR, the purveyors of the wisdom of the corporate cleptocracy.

Anonymous said...

This morning (Wed 11/11, ironically enough), Steve Inskeep interviewed Peter Orszag (Obama's Office Management and Budget Director) about the $1.x Trillion budget deficit. I was listening for the work "military" or term "military spending" to come up -- but if it did I missed it.
If this is the case, NPR presumably includes it's audience among those approving of $680 billion military budgets (military spending just for starters) and taking such as a given. One expects this of Rush Limbaugh and company -- but a so-called "public" radio "service"? No wonder NPR is often dubbed "National Pentagon Radio".

larry, dfh said...

orszag is bad news. Cut his teeth on summer's teat screwing the former USSR. He then went on to rape Iceland. A financial Ghengis Khan; reminds me of david stockman, also a crook.