Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taking A Break

Hi folks. I'll be taking a bit of a break from blogging on NPR. Honestly, I'm a tad sick of listening to NPR news and documenting the same distortions, omissions, and flat out lies over and over again. Also my hands have to get some time away from the computer.

With the holidays approaching, this seemed like a good time as any to take some time off. If anyone wants to start their own NPR monitor blog, please do and send me the link so I can prominently post it.

My intention is to take a month or so off and then only post intermittently.

Peace and cheers,

Matthew Murrey (Mytwords)


Anonymous said...

"Honestly, I'm a tad sick of listening to NPR news and documenting the same distortions, omissions, and flat out lies over and over again."

Who needs to listen?

They are as predictable as the movement of the earth about the sun (or of the sun about the earth, as NPR "balance" would have it)

gopolganger said...

Thanks for all your good work, Mytwords, and thanks for the break. I'll look for my bonus in the XMas mail ;-D.

Nate Bowman said...

I'll miss you MM.

Thanks for what you do and for doing it so well.

Will QTips be open?

Mytwords said...

I'll post a Q Tips thread about every week...

big!pink!fuzzy!tofurkey! said...

Yes, break again if you must, MM. The match has been struck, and the movement is afoot. Moreso encouraging that others such as G. Greenwald & 'Beat the Press' have now been following your precedent.

Bet those latte-sippin', cushy-compensated putzes think they're off the hook so easily? Phhbbt!

miranda (nee Pamela) said...

Oh, boy, will I ever miss you. This is one of my very few "essential" blogs -- always intelligent, well-documented, and with high-level analysis and discussion in the posts and the comments. A true rarity, and a necessity.

Someone else may assume the mantle, but there can't be another Mytwords.

Thanks for the enlightenment. I hope to see you back here after your deserved rest. Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

Take care and hope all works for you.


larry, dfh said...

Hope the re-charge is complete, and soon. julie rovner has been spinning like a Dervish, so it will be absolutely necessary that WE pick up the slack. According to the HMO mouthpiece at npr, it's teh 'liberal wing' (i.e. Wingnuts) of the democratic party that wants a 'public option', not the 70% or so of U.S. citizens. Will I ever hear from rovner or any of her bought and paid for streetwalker companions about the insurance companies located in Nebraska, ben nelson's state, or Connecticut, joe LIEberman's state?

gopolganger said...

It seems everything NPR news related has become quite confused. I used to honestly listen to NPR for the news. Then with the Reagan revolution cluminating in the Gingrich revolution, I became increasingly alienated and suspicious of NPR programming. Years of cursing the damnable misinformation/propaganda of NPR led me to NPRCheck where I've now listened to NPR with a newly tuned critic's ear, and largely with an ear towards what I might read/write on this blog. If the blog is going rudderless for a time, that's fine. I will take the opportunity to stop listening to NPR at all.

JayV said...

"I used to honestly listen to NPR for the news."

Same here, but it's gotten to be such a pain constantly to parse each sentence, separate the chaff from the wheat, as it were.
I've just plain stopped bothering. The NPR higher-ups just don't give a damn.

Mytwords, thanks for your good work on here. Happy holidays and wishes for further R&R.

Anonymous said...

NPRCheck where I've now listened to NPR with a newly tuned critic's ear,"

Interestingly, this blog has made me more attuned to propaganda from all sources, left and right.

More than anything else, this blog is about learning to be a critical listener/reader/viewer of NPR in particular and the media in general (all the media).

While blogs like this one may not spoon feed you the "truth" (which does not come in spoon-sized bites, at any rate), it does provide a pattern for searching.

Thanks MTW!



I hope you and your family have a relaxing and highly caloric Thanksgiving (I always take my own advice.) Also, that you're somewhere warmer than the Illinois prairie, Mrs. Demo (Steal Magnolia Second Class) attended an October EIU Homecoming once, and announced she'd never do it again.

Thanks for the hard work you've done for the past year, e.g. cleaning up my rants.

Happy Thanksgiving! (Lincoln's second best idea ever!)

Grumpy Demo