Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pottersville Persists - Happy Holidays

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Seems like a million years ago when I first put up a Wonderful Life remix, and it's been a long year since Wonderful Obamaville greetings. Here goes again: this is for all those savvy businessmen and all those savvy Americans benefiting from the latest Middle-Man tax cuts. On the other hand you working poor, long term unemployed, leftist losers, and public option supporters - there's always room under the bus...


Porter Melmoth said...

On DN!, Chris Hedges unreservedly declared Obama 'a disaster'. Wow.

It's still difficult for me to accept our fate, our Great American Curse: Ye Shall Be Ruled By The Skilled In Corruption.

Merry Christmas all, IN JAIL!

(Brilliant Potterization of the players!)

Anonymous said...

The funniest part is that Obama is touting the continuation of the Bush tax cuts as one of his great "bipartisan" accomplishments.

Mytwords said...

RE: "Where's the beef story"
I posted an update at the bottom of the post.

Another censored story that NPR will surely cover once it's old news is the inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning: No on-air coverage...nothing.

I've also been posting frequently on NPR's site, and General Warlove just posted recently, too (see sidebar for links).

Anonymous said...

NPR -- like much of the rest of the media* (who spread the lie that wikileaks has indiscriminately released documents) continues to ignore the actual content of what wikileaks has revealed, well-summarized by Glenn Greenwald.

*including the so called "left-wing" of the media, like Rachel Maddow, I might add. Watch her interview of Michael Moore in which she shows obvious contempt for wikileaks. Not only does Maddow continue the lie about the "thousands of documents released indiscriminately", Maddow also asserts that the charges of the two Swedish women made against Assange equate to "date rape".

It's really rather revealing to watch how self-styled "journalists" respond to the whole wikileaks thing. It really shows who the real journalists are and who the fakes.

gDog said...

Add Joel Bondy to the list names that draws a zilch at npr. Under wunderkind Bloomberg, the politics of accountability (read: irrational retribution) only reaches as far as public schoolteachers.

miranda said...

General Warlove, a martinet after my own heart. (Seriously, it's brilliant).

Link below is to Chris Hedges' wonderful Rockford College commencement address, which got him booed off the stage.

Chris Hedges YouTube

informedveteran said...

National Petroleum Radio strikes again with this masterpiece of misinformation.

“ ‘There's a psychology of oil pricing based on fear — fear of shortage, fear of lack of supply,’ he tells NPR's Jacki Lyden. The Obama administration sent a shock to the world trading marketplace when it said the U.S. is not going to pursue more off-shore drilling at a time when the world needs more crude oil.

‘That's pushing prices up,’ he says.”

Two American wars in the middle east and threats of another with Iran apparently don’t affect the price of oil in NPR fantasyland.