Monday, December 13, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Wiki-Leaks stories I haven't heard on NPR:

Saudi involvement in financing "terrorists"

Utter fail of US sponsored Alhurra TV


Anonymous said...

"Wiki-Leaks stories I haven't heard on NPR:"

Pretty much anything having to do with the actual content of the leaks.

(as opposed to tabloid fodder about Assange's sexcapades)

gDog said...

If you search NPR's site, you do find some of these Wikileaks stories being carried by AP - they just don't make it to the airwaves. Take this bit about the Turkmen leader: Turkmen Leader Called "Vindictive" In US Cables with the related story, Agreement Sought On Afghan-Pakistan Gas Pipeline, which the BBC on the same day reported as a done deal: Turkmen natural gas pipeline Tapi to cross Afghanistan

Anonymous said...

they just don't make it to the airwaves."

...which means the vast majority of those who get their "news" from NPR never learn about them.

NPR is basically using it's website as a dumping ground for anything they don't want people to hear on air.

Anything that is the least bit "controversial" (ie, that the White House or their corporate donors will not like), they "cover" with a report from a generic wire service like AP (if they even "cover" it at all)

That way they can claim they "covered" it if challenged, but at the same time, they can keep the information at arm's length (and ensure that their listeners never hear of it) if it is the least bit out of step with the official line.

If challenged by the White House, they can simply say, "that was not our story, we were just passing it along". But AP is usually so watered down that that is not a concern anyway.

If the information turns out correct, of course, they can also claim part of the credit for having "covered" it.

This is no accident of happenstance but a conscious decision on the part of NPR's editors, who almost certainly rank current news items according to such an ass-covering scheme.

larry, dfh said...

The morning 'news' from BBC featured a story on Assange. In it were some snippets from real Swedes on their opinion of Assange. So we heard that "he should not be getting off free becuse he's famous" and all about how Sweden's system of independent prosecutors guarantees no conspiracy. Right! So that's why some spotlight seeking prosecutor totally removed from the 'plaintiffs' decided to take the case. What a load of gargage. They only want Assange in Sweden to "answer some questions". Well I've dealt with police before, and "answering some questions" is the classsic lie they deliver before arresting someone. That a couple of people offered to float bail was cited as evidence that Assange is trying to buy his way out of the charges; oh wait, there aren't any charges. No big deal! I'm sure the reporter had to dig deep to find these well informed and objective subjects to interview. What comments didn't make it to broadcast? Oh, probably the inciteful ones. These folks are ginning the story in the most amateurish way; but that's why they still have jobs at bbc/standsfornothing radio.

Anonymous said...

How "news" organizations report on the wikileaks story is a litmus test for whether they are real news organizations or not.

Hint: NPR is not.

gDog said...

What a tender young babe remains Liane, despite her looming retirement. She is wholly unaware of the role hedge funds play in price fixing and has no memory of this ever occurring.

HANSEN: Im confused. I mean, gas prices usually go down in the winter because the chemical mix for winter fuel is cheaper than the fuel that's used in the summer. So why are the prices going up?

informedveteran said...

I agree, that story "High Oil Prices Put The Chill On Holiday Cheer" really blows.

You can tell from the tiny handful of comments that it wasn't placed on their main page - no sense reminding the people about this abomination.

Also missing is that oil prices also have to remain high to justify the high cost of Alberta Tar Sands production and Deep Water Drilling, etc.

Fuel efficient vehicles? Compared to what? In 1992 you could have bought a Geo Metro XFI that got 58 mpg. In 1979 you could have bought a 4500lb Cadillac Fleetwood deisel that got 29mpg highway (with a 3 speed automatic).

I think if gas hits $4 again it is going to be revolution time. Sky-high heating oil prices and the chattering teeth that follow, on top of all the other evils inflicted on us, should get some Americans out in the streets.

NPR is such an F-ing joke.


larry, dfh said...

'Conventional wisdom' (oxymoron) has it that hedge funds exist to 'cover bets' on speculation. The way I see it, they are huge pools of $$ to totally capture a market. Thet don't want to repeat what the Hunt Bros. did: running out of money trying to snare the silver market in the '80s. I think most of the commodity price rises have been due to very non-productive speculation; the M$M (including standsfornothing radio) exist to rationalize price rises as: competition with bio-ethanol, or some such other bullshit. The top dogs in all the media outlets are heavily invested in hedge funds. It's a set-up from the beginning. Liane's a dolt.

informedveteran said...

Funny how all the relentless fearmongering about the debt/deficit on StandsForNothing disappeared once tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the rich were at stake.


am said...

Um, if the story on today's ME was that House Democrats had objections to the tax deal Obama struck with Republicans, then why did we hear umpteen clips of Mitch McConnell's catarrhal voice admonishing them not to make changes--rather than, say, a Democrat explaining why they object? (MM's voice is heard on NPR nearly as frequently as Obama's lately--more so, I think.) And wasn't it funny how Jean Cochran--in another bit of transparent GOP advocacy--described the tax deal as legislation that would "spare all Americans tax increases" during her hammily enunciated news update?


am, good point.

NPR in it's headline news, only plays quotes from Republicans, for example during the DADT debate on ME every we got a morning filled with Pres. McCain clips.

Be warned, once you start noticing it, it will drive you up the wall.

Sadly nothing new see Are We Stimulated Yet?:

"A review of NPR’s “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” broadcast records for the month ending February 3, 2008 indicates in the 50 stories on the stimulus, NPR interviewed and quoted 12 GOP Congresspersons, while only quoting 2 Democrats."

NPR lets the GOP set the narrative by only playing quotes from the Right. Regardless of how fringe at narrative is.



hyperlinks didn't take.

Heres' the link to the NPR check archive.

Hope this worked.


Here's another story you won't hear on Not Public Radio:

"Israel refuses entry to Palestinian firefighters being honored for Carmel fire assistance
Ceremony forced into cancellation after only 7 out 10 granted permits; PA: How could the same men be allowed in to fight the fire but not to be honored for their assistance?"

More at

gDog said...

Yes, MMcConnell has a giant inflammation of the unctuous membrane that oozes with a murky green-tinged mucous.

Searching NPR for "McConnell" we get "about 1,010 results," showing an acute swelling in the NPR, too.

Of course, his wife, former secty of labor and Taiwanese shipping magnate heiress, Elaine Chao, is quite an assette.

Porter Melmoth said...

Despite all our criticism, doesn't NPR seem like it would be just the gee-whiz-iest FUNNEST place to work in the universe??

Why, everyone's so polite, civil and merry with one another, I'll bet they don't have a single soap opera amongst themselves to gossip about, especially now that Adenoid Andie C-brook's married up.

They're all so damn supportive of one another! How possible is that? Perhaps it's all due to the free allowances of Ambien, Xanex, Angadrene, certain selected anti-psychotic medications, and other prescription nightmares, generously (and quietly) supplied by Big Pharma. That's gotta be it.

Steve, Happy 'Kreep that he is, just plain gets along with EVERYBODY. Donny Gonny, the 8th Dwarf, seems to be having a ball, what with all the 'witty commentary' and taking the opportunity to grandstand his illustrious service to the nation as Certified Dubya Sycophant, and all.

Because, when you're part of the In Crowd of Smugly-Smile-When-You're-Talking-At-The-Great-Unwashed NPR All Stars, you have ARRIVED, baby!

Hell, I'd rather witness Sen. Mitch McConman hawking up his collective viscosity than having to suffer one minute of NPR cuteness as one of the gang.

Mitch, who of course should be ditched, always reminds me of some fussbudget nobody who's playing an elderly maiden aunt in drag in a high school play. Prim, priggish, and pole-up-the-ass. And sitting in the audience, I have plenty of rotten tomatoes at hand.

Porter Melmoth said...

PS: In order to con us and keep conning us, NPR must come off as strong, united, resolute, and most importantly, NON-DYSFUNCTIONAL. And don't forget DOWNRIGHT HAPPY as a requirement.

Only then can the powers of propaganda, persuasion, and snake oil dispensation be properly applied, and in perpetuity.

Rove-ism in action. The Neocons knew the Bush Administration might not last. But a propagandistic news organization - now THERE's a plan!

gDog said...

Milton Geltzler of Continental Public Radio is a dead ringer for Prof. Siegheil.

Pres. Obama in a remarkable set of remarks. Continental Public Radio - we know what we stand for.

informedveteran said...

Don't forget Eva Schlorman and Ira Zipkin and "Below the Beltway" and "Up to Here" to name a few. His parodies of NPR are beyond funny. He captures the cutesy tone perfectly. NPR's lack-of-acknowledgement-of-the-coming-catasterfuck tone is the reason I can't stand to listen to the audio at all now.

NPR "reporters" are nothing more than frantic re-inflators of the US bubble of illusion/consensus present in all the US media, where there's nothing at all wrong with any US policy - no matter how many holes of reality are poked in that bubble. We're number one and we report as such!

Porter Melmoth said...

Holy moly, thanks for the turn on to Harry's brilliant show.

Karzai Talk takes the cake for the 12 Dec. edition. Glorious.

I would imagine the NPR-oids would crack an uneasy smile if they had the guts to listen. Just like they couldn't handle or understand the Firesign Theatre. Which is just as well. I always thought those boys were going to be rejected, because they were too 'weird' or 'stoned' or something.

Harry RULES!

Anonymous said...

NPR/AP is spreading a lie:

"His supporters suspect the allegations are politically motivated, stemming from WikiLeaks' recent release of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables as well as having published secret U.S. military documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Material from The Associated Press was used in this report.

As Glenn Greenwald noted on Dec 8

They have not released "thousands" of cables; they've released 1,193 -- less than 1/2 of 1% of the total they possess.
//end of greenwald quote

It's impossible to tell who is actually the source of the lie -- NPR or AP or maybe both-- because they have effectively merged their report: "Material from The Associated Press was used in this report."

How convenient. Any time NPR wants to spread a falsehood, they can do it anonymously (no reporter's name attached to the report) by claiming that they were just passing a long AP "material".

I have become convinced that the lies that NPR is spewing are quite purposeful. Greenwald is HARDLY a backwater blogger and has actually exposed NPR lies in the past, so there is almost certainly someone at NPR keeping tabs on what he is saying.

informedveteran said...


Keep an eye on this page and ones like it. NPR seems to use it as a temporary site for the most recent AP story, then they take it down, edit it, and repost it on a different page(but leave the comments when they post the next AP story on "storyId=130650152").

This might be the original AP story they modified and reposted as WikiLeaks Founder Assange To Go Free

informedveteran said...


They have been screwing around with AP stories a lot lately.

This is the story that WAS posted here on the temporary AP site. NPR removed the AP story “Hackers strike at MasterCard to support WikiLeaks” and posted MasterCard Site May Be Target Of WikiLeaks Backers with this quote “Material from the Associated Press was used in this report”.

I can't find “Hackers strike at MasterCard to support WikiLeaks” on AP's website anymore either. Must have offended "someone"......

Anonymous said...

"Material from The Associated Press was used in this report."

What does that even mean?

What in the world has become of "journalism"??

I went to university 25 years ago and majored in physics, but I am quite certain that if I had handed in a paper to satisfy one of my lib ed requirements that simply noted at the end that "Material from such and such a source was used in this report" -- rather than listing the detailed footnotes -- I would have received a grade of "F".

The so-called "journalists" at NPR are just fooling themselves if they actually believe that government efforts to "get" Assange on espionage charges are not going to have a lasting impact on journalism and free speech in general in the US.

That's not just my opinion, but the opinion of Yale legal scholar.

By not defending free speech in this case (and actually attacking the messenger), NPR and other "news" organizations are treading on very dangerous territory that may affect the way they are allowed to do business in the future.

Then again, it is certainly possible that no one at NPR even understands what is at stake.

informedveteran said...

NPR is confident that it will never offend its pals in the Pentagon/Corporate boardrooms. Assange didn't follow the "rules" and must be punished.

Anonymous said...

Don't ask me why (old habits die hard), but I keep having to remind myself that NPR has nothing at all to do with real journalism...

So if real journalism were "terminated" tomorrow by our government, it would have no effect whatsoever on NPR. They would probably report on it like this:

"Some who call themselves journalists have decried what they call "the criminalization of investigative journalism", but NPR's journalism experts at AEI, CEI, CIA, FBI and EIO note that these folks are not really journalists anyway and hence not protected by the first amendment."

informedveteran said...

Here’s a good answer if someone asks, “What’s the big deal about the Wikileaks diplomatic cables”.

Anonymous said...

You'll appreciate the AP story my local (Minnesota) Public Radio station featured today, by the Associated Press's STEPHEN OHLEMACHER, headlined, Bill preventing big tax hikes heads to Obama.

Anonymous said...

or rather

Bill preventing big tax hikes heads to Obama

Anonymous said...

Here's NPR's idea of "balanced" reporting on the "economic recovery".

Are We Headed Toward Economic Recovery? by John Ydstie

On the side of those arguing we are in a recovery, Ydstie sites "government data", recent stock market performance and "John Silvia [who] watches the economy like a hawk from his perch as chief economist for Wells Fargo. He says reports on industrial protection and retail sales for November that came out this week are encouraging.

"Both of them suggest the economy actually is doing quite well."

For "balance" [those claiming the "recovery" is not real], Ydstie sites that most famous of economists, "Christmas shopper Jeanine Bachman. "I mean, you hear where things are getting better, but then you turn around and hear somebody's lost their job, so, you know...."

Ydstie could certainly have found economists who don't agree with John Silvia, but he did not (of course)

See Double dip looks doubly certain, for example.

NPR does this all the time.

They slant their articles one way with "faux" balance.

Hmm, who else does that? (even has it in their name)