Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Yak and Check

Longtime reader/commenter Porter asked if I'd cross-post his latest on Mr. Siegel. Here's the opening:
"Didn’t Siegel get some prize or whatever, a while back? Or am I thinking of somebody else?

Yesterday he was ‘considering’ a new film that deals with the speech problems of King George VI, and Colin Firth, the lead actor in the picture, was there to explain. He did so quite well, despite the fact that Siegel was more interested in the king being some sort of out-of-date figure, or whatever...."

I've put a link up to NYT Check on the sidebar. For a while I'll have it near the top and eventually move it into the company of the other media critique links. Happy to have the media hounds go viral....


gDog said...

Gore Vidal is a big NYT fan (not.) Mebbe he could be invited to weigh in.

Anonymous said...

Jolly Good Show, Port!

By the way, if you get a chance (and if you haven't already) read "Voltaire's Bastards," by John Ralston Saul.


Porter Melmoth said...

Thanks, Don Q(uixote?)

I should think that Gore V. would be quite at home here.

gDog said...

Yeah, Port, I looked over NYT Check with some mixed feelings: the articles are very good and should become required reading for me now. Damn. Why can't just reading the NYT be its own reward? No. YOu have to decode and fill in between the lines.